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This Guy’s Pretty Good

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Way better than these clowns:

3 Responses to “This Guy’s Pretty Good”

  1. First thing I thought was “this is gonna be lame, they can’t do justice to rush.”

    Douglas (2c3ce5)

  2. I don’t have a game system, so rarely play this stuff. However, I did an experiment the other day, and turned the difficulty all the way up, and just played the drum part on a song by memory. My score was like 97%. This probably only works with drums, because the guitar and bass stuff is just wierd, with little buttons. I find myself thinking of the real notes, and just can’t hit the buttons.

    carlitos (368bcb)

  3. Hahaha.. you call that good? Let me show you what good is: Rich Viano is the 1989 Drum Corps International World Champion and a good friend of mine.

    Mike (0a8037)

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