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The MLB Playoffs

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Major League Baseball playoffs are underway. The Yankees lead the Angels 2-1 in the ALCS and they are playing now. The teams are scoreless in the third inning.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers and Philly play tomorrow in the NLCS. The Phillies lead 3-1 after Monday’s come-from-behind win in the 9th inning. Someone should remind the Dodger’s Manny Ramirez that there is no “I” in “Team”:

“As Jimmy Rollins turned on a Jonathan Broxton fastball with two outs in the ninth inning Monday night and drove in two runs for a 5-4 Philadelphia victory, Manny was blissfully unaware that his season was one game from being over. He’d been removed for defensive purposes before the inning began.

“When I came out,” he told reporters, “they were turning the TVs off and everybody was coming in.”

Instead of being on the bench to celebrate the presumed victory – and, eventually, lament the crushing loss – he was rinsing off and getting ready to towel himself dry.”

On the other hand, there is no “I” in “Loser” either.


12 Responses to “The MLB Playoffs”

  1. Oh my God. Did anyone see that 2-tag double play where there only called one guy (Posada) out? There have been a lot of bad calls this post-season.

    carlitos (831ee5)

  2. I missed that one …

    Kind of weird that the announcers had just mentioned how comfortable and confident A-Rod looked in the batters box about 3 seconds before he hit one out. Especially since this crew of announcers has been quite consistently wrong. I miss guys like Jack Buck.

    JD (082755)

  3. Yeah, could not believe that call, Carlitos – the umps have been absolutely terrible in that series, as well as in most of the playoff games this year. And the worst part is that they rarely convene for a short conference in order to determine if they actually made the right call – imperious and arrogant Mr. Magoos.

    Oh, and Joe Buck and Tim McCarver suck Donkeys – unless you’re comparing them to the hysterical – sounding Chip Carey, obvious Buck Martinez and “I don’t pay my taxes” Ron Darling. I had to listen to Carey for a few years here during Cubs broadcasts, and he’s actually worse than Buck.

    Dmac (5ddc52)

  4. I don’t mind Joe Buck, though he pales in comparison to his father. McCarver is horrible.

    I thought it was pretty stand-up of the ump to go into the presser and explain his mistake. Very uncommon.

    Don Dekinger still has not taken blame for that blown call in the Cardinals/Royals World Series.

    JD (8e9826)

  5. Ya gotta love the sideline guy Seger on TBS. He looked like My Cousin Vinny the other night in that purple velour. I laughed every time they cut to him.

    JEA (cfcb76)

  6. Craig Seger is the worst-dressed person in the history of the planet.

    JD (34eca7)

  7. Seger’s outfits make Michelle Obama’s sofa-cover dresses look like haute couture.

    JD (34eca7)

  8. Don Dekinger still has not taken blame for that blown call in the Cardinals/Royals World Series.

    My wife will never forgive this.

    carlitos (35ae51)

  9. Your wife is a wise wise lady, as evidenced by her sporting acumen and choice of mates.

    JD (d71a7a)

  10. She can hold her own with any guy I know, especially regarding baseball or football. When we started dating, her Christmas tree at her apartment had only silver and blue ornaments. For the Cowboys.

    This here Philly / Dodgers game is fun to watch. I’m on TiVo, so it’s still the 9th.

    carlitos (35ae51)

  11. Brad Lidge. Wow.

    carlitos (35ae51)

  12. Oh my God. Seger is wearing a teal suit and some sort of M.C. Escher illusion tie.

    carlitos (35ae51)

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