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Cindy Sheehan Protests Obama’s War

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Cindy Sheehan has moved to Washington and is protesting Barack Obama’s war:

“Cindy Sheehan says she is moving to Washington. The anti-war activist was outside the White House for the second day in a row, with a bullhorn and a handful of protestors, shouting against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Guantanamo and calling for “health care not warfare.”
Park Police arrested Sheehan and 60 other protestors yesterday, after Sheehan chained herself to the fence on the North Lawn. Sheehan says she refuses to pay the fine and that she and other anti-war activists plan to “step up” their protests until the administration shows a willingness to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

“We’re going to create a movement that’s going to demand a change of policy,” she said, explaining that her plan is to create large, coordinated acts of civil resistance, “It’s going to be massive.”

Sheehan has a right to protest in a lawful manner but I wish she wouldn’t do this now, just as I wish she hadn’t done it during President Bush’s term. I support letting people speak out for what they believe in, but my choice is that civil disobedience is the exception rather than the rule.


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  1. I think Cindy’s goofy protests remind people how the cowardly little president man was against the surge when he was an unaccountable little loser from Illinois but once he got to be the little president man he was too vain to be the guy what lost Iraq or Afghanistan even though he and his woman have no respect at all for the missions our soldiers are trying to accomplish.

    happyfeet (6b707a)

  2. Cindy has my whole hearted support – lets end these wars – let europe and the middle east solve their own problems

    I know – thats not being conservative – but after almost a decade – its time – more troops is problematic at best – unlike Iraq – the hearts and minds of the Afghans are not into rejecting the Taliban – Iraqis – it took the needless murder of their innocent civilians by those thugs that forever turned the attitude of the people

    In Afghanistan too many factions – factions that cross multiple international boundaries – its a lose lose situation

    EricPWJohnson (f12f86)

  3. And unlife her liberal bretheren cindy is not two faced – she has been against it from the beginning

    She begrudgingly has my admiration – I dont agree with her but I acknowledge her

    She has never monetarily benefited, unlike the others who made protesting a cottage industry – hey one guy even turned a cushy community organizing protest job into a 4 yr paid vacation in the middle of DC!

    EricPWJohnson (f12f86)

  4. There’s some real troof in the assertion that if the little president man gets his dirty socialist health cares and his weird confiscatory carbon dioxide molecule swatting scheme then our impoverished dirty socialist loser nation really will have no place in a global role involving guns and stuff. It will will be up to better-governed, richer nations like Brazil and China to keep freedom’s torch burning bright.

    happyfeet (6b707a)

  5. It is not goofy to protest a war that killed your son. When her son was killed, generations of Sheehans were lost.

    Bring our boys home. We are killing off brave men and women who would no doubt bring up children with the same values. It’s such a horrible shame.

    Anita Busch (fc416d)

  6. please. Her son would be all like shut up mom you’re embarrassing me you deranged loser. Her husband couldn’t bail on her zany freak show fast enough.

    happyfeet (6b707a)

  7. nope. But it’s important to remember that she herself is an insignificant spittle-flecked moonbat but what the dirty socialist media made of her. She’s their legacy, their ill-begotten spawn of Bush-hate.

    happyfeet (6b707a)

  8. “Cindy Sheehan says she is moving to Washington. The anti-war activist was outside the White House for the second day in a row, with a bullhorn and a handful of protestors, shouting against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Guantanamo and calling for “health care not warfare.”
    Stupid woman. Osama should be so proud of you.

    The Emperor (1b037c)

  9. I made a joke about Sheehan not too long ago. It may have been here.

    But I have to say this, she is proving me wrong.

    She could have done so many things to keep herself in the spotlight. She could still be a media darling instead of a forgotten mother grieving over the loss of her son.

    She has found a way to make her loss something important to her and she hasn’t taken the low road in doing so.

    I say this, because, in hindsight, that although she invited the media attention for her cause, she has remained steadfast. Even after the media abandoned her as soon as she no longer advanced their agenda.

    Now, that the tides have changed, the media has moved on, but she’s still fighting her fight.

    I was never her friend, but I have to wonder, where are her “friends” now? Where is Code Pink, where is ANSWER, where is ACORN, where is Kos, and TPM? Why are they not rallying by her side?

    They are not there because her usefulness was used up.

    I disagree with her. I disagree with everything she stands for. But, that is a disagreement. I still have to admire someone who was used and tossed aside, but maintains the commitment to protest perceived injustice, despite my misgivings.

    I shed no tears for her because of the betrayal by those who abandoned her. I do shed tears for her loss.

    Ag80 (d1363b)

  10. that seems sincere but maybe a bit overblown. Kind of like a Susan Boyle number.

    hasppyfeet (6b707a)

  11. oops. that was me.

    happyfeet (6b707a)

  12. Well, happyfeet, you haven’t heard me sing. Caruso would be proud. Well, he would be proud of the fact he never heard me sing.

    Ag80 (d1363b)

  13. I like it when people sing but if they make eye contact sometimes that creeps me out. That happened to me once on my birthday when we went for Italian. It was weird.

    happyfeet (6b707a)

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  15. At least she’s an equal opportunity nutcase, unlike so many of her supposed brethren.

    Soronel Haetir (2b4c2b)

  16. Sheehan has a right to protest in a lawful manner but I wish she wouldn’t do this now, just as I wish she hadn’t done it during President Bush’s term. I support letting people speak out for what they believe in, but my choice is that civil disobedience is the exception rather than the rule.

    When would be the optimum time she should do this, then? If you wish she weren’t doing it now (during Obama’s term), or during Bush’s term, do you then prefer she not do this at all?

    Dana (863a65)

  17. Here’s is my take on Mother Sheehan:

    first, let me say that I am glad she is not trashing up rural Texas any longer. That’s a given.

    But on with my opinion:

    At first, after Sheehan and her family had meet Bush and she still came out with her lunacy, I viewed her as just a grieving mother who did not know how to deal with her grief. Then I read how she got started on the road to moonbattery after she has a meeting with then candidate, John Kerry, in California and he invited her, and her daughter, to help campaign for him. John Kerry was really Frankinstein to Sheehan’s monster.

    Sheehan managed to hook up with the whack jobs, Jodie Evenas and Medea Benjamin from CodePinko (I suspect an introduction facilitated by John Kerry who was lagging in the polls at the time) and away the roller coaster flew.

    It is obvious that poor Cindy is not exactly the brightest bulb in the box. And Medea had her pawn. So CodePinko built Sheehan into Americas Greiving Mother because of a senseless, unless, illegal war. Sheehan became Benjamin’s Poster Girl.

    And Sheehan lent some credibility to CodePinko.

    But it got out of hand. Sheehan started to become a stalker, and under normal circumstances, would have been locked up for more than a few days and hauled into a federal court. But the support for the war had taken a turn, so she was garnering at least a small following.

    As the days, weeks and months wore on, it was obvious that Sheehan was not only out of control, being puppetted by Benjamine, but was strarting to belive what she was saying.

    In order to prove her dedication to her cause Sheehan traveled to a dusty, dry hot country road on central Texas to pack in a ditch. But not many people followed her. Hell, when she first got there, there were more reporters than followers. So toddling off to Austin did Medea go. She rounded up a hundred or so homeless, and without bothering to clean them up, bused them to Crawford. The homeless were elated; free tents, cooler than Austin, free food and they got to watch elected nitwits come and go.

    Bush remained unphased. Sheehan was losing support so she had to up the ante. She claimed to have bought property in Crawford, only until it was learned that someone else had bought it for her to use. And when Bush left to go back to D.C., Cindy has no reason to remain in the 100 degree temperatures any longer.

    So she marched with Code Pinko, got an all expense paid trip to visit with Hugo Chavez, tried hooking up with the Veterans Against the War (but she was too crazy for even them)so Sheehan decided to return to California. She has watched her daughters move to London and her husband had filed for a divorce.

    Next on her list: challange Nancy Pelosi in last years election. I doubt that got a 2 inch x one column blurb in the LA Times.

    She lost; Hillary lost: Obama won and Cindy, now certifiably insane, announced she was going to retire. I guess in her insanity think thinks retirement is for just a few days.

    Now, she is reduced to being a media whore and anyone who thinks she still has courage of her convictions is as looney as she is. The only conviction she has is that she is convinced she deserves to be in the spotlight standing in front of a MSM microphone.

    But what she never counted on what that once Obama was elected, her usefullness was a dead as one of Rahm Emanuel’s fish wrapped up in last weeks newsprint.

    She is now delegated to page A17, left hand column, bottom of the page. The least read spot on a page.

    For me, after her being a huge pain in the Texas ass, I can’t say that I am unhappy about her fall from grace. Personally, I think she should have been kidnapped by the Rangers and locked up in Shoal Creek for about 15 years. Yet…….yet…… there is a part of me that would love to see her give Obama as much greif as she gave George Bush and better yet, I would like to see her dealt with by Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod.

    So someone, tell me there is a Santa Clause.

    retire05 (da3e93)


    Uncle Dan (e4735c)

  19. Happyfeet

    She did lose her son, her only son, I give wide wide swath to people who have given a greater sacrifice to this country than I’ve been asked

    I know where you are coming from and there is much agreement – but Cindy loud proud obnoxious and all of that inbetween is for MORE thabnn less a true believer.

    Refreshing these days to see those who were against the war because they were actually against the war

    EricPWJohnson (f12f86)

  20. Personally, I’m going to hold my breath until the MSM covers her the way they did in Crawford…

    proof (384991)

  21. I just don’t see it like you or ag or other nice people. The fate she would contrive for so many Iraqi and Afghani sons is a far worse fate than what hers met. Her dedication to her cause is exponentially eclipsed by her conviction that her pain is the One True Thing in this world I think. She’s a narcissist. I just can’t find anything noble or unselfish about her.

    happyfeet (6b707a)

  22. happyfeet, she may well be a narcissist but she has suffered unspeakable loss as well. Perhaps that was the tipping point for her. Other people lose their children and somehow move past their grief, finding some reason to get out of bed and face the next day. Cindy Sheehan seems as if she’s never been able to move past the grief but rather that itself is the reason she has to get up out of bed and face the next day – whether or not it’s noble or just an extraordinary indulgence, I don’t know, but ultimately, she’s a harmless person who managed to stay with the living.

    While I don’t agree with her and suspect she’s batty, I get that everyone needs some reason to go another step.

    Dana (863a65)

  23. I have to give Cindy props for running against Granny McRictusbotoxface. I enjoyed that.

    Also I would not be unhappy if she went to live in Venezuela with her BFF Generalissimo Hugo Potatohead.

    daleyrocks (718861)

  24. Cindy Sheehan is certifiable. While I understand this “wide swath” idea, I cannot accept its usage with certifiable nut-cases. Yes, I know she lost her child in Iraq. I could’ve lost my child in Iraq, too. My child joined the army because of the terrorist activities, Iraq, Afghanistan, not in spite of them. And my child spent 15 months as a prison guard in Iraq. (More further into that thread.)

    I still say we needed to go to both places. I still say I agree with the Iraqi citizens; we need to be in Iraq.

    I would rather nobody die but if someone needs to die, I choose the terrorists. And if I have to choose which Americans have to die, I choose the military over civilians. And, yes, I make that decision knowing full-well that that military could include my own daughter. She is a great American. Cindy Sheehan, not so much.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  25. John

    Not asking you to agree with her – I dont – but she has been consistent – telling her her grief is not as great as anothers is something I will refrain from doing – it doesnt giver her an elevated sense of proportionality, but she has a reason, she stuck to her reason, she earned the moral right to do so and she has remained true to her beliefs

    If only they all would….

    EricPWJohnson (f12f86)

  26. Sheehan is a fanatic, but I have to give her credit for being an equal-opportunity fanatic. IOW, she wasn’t opposed to the Iraq War or any such military endeavor merely or mainly because it was associated with a White House she didn’t care for. However, I’m assuming she’s not so ultra-liberal that even someone like Obama is too centrist for her tastes.

    As for her biggest fans or biggest suck ups, particularly throughout the MSM, I’m fairly certain their original enthusiasm for Sheehan was due to her bleating about a White House run by a Republican/conservative. If the presidency instead had been controlled by liberals over the past 9 years, yet US-led military actions still somehow managed to break out, some of the sympathy directed towards Sheehan would have been AWOL.

    Mark (411533)

  27. I’ll bet Casey Sheehan’s father misses his son too. We can’t know, of course, because no reporters or Vanity Fair photo spreads or obnoxious media types bleating about “unquestioned moral authority” bothered themselves to find out.

    But I’ll bet he does.

    Mars vs Hollywood (a49876)

  28. Like Dana, I think Cindy got mental in her grief. She’s just not right in the head, not thinking clearly, certainly not processing data logically.

    Sheehan is against ALL wars. She is on record saying that we should have negotiated with Herr Hitler and the Emperor. That’s just mental. It’s a complete denial of all fact and history, as well as a total lack of comprehension of human nature. It’s also abject cowardice.

    From what I’ve read of her son, Casey, he was an amazing American and I’m terribly sad he’s dead.

    As for Cindy – I think she needs meds and long term therapy. Grief is no excuse to get unhinged.

    Vivian Louise (e35449)

  29. I have gained some kind of principled respect for Sheehan. Her positions are insane, but they seem to be consistent regardless of politics. I don’t often see that.

    Speaking of consistency – what would the press have done if this were a Republican debating the future of the Afghan war, after campaigning on having a winning strategy there? It doesn’t take much imagination, or memory, to figure that one out.

    Amphipolis (b120ce)

  30. I think it’s interesting the original report minimizes her group. It says she had a “handful” of protesters, but “Park Police arrested Sheehan and 60 other protestors” — that would have been “close to 100″ or some other hyperbolic description if Mr. Bush were still in office.

    Sam (c71bb1)

  31. The Left loosed this sword upon the body-politik;
    they own it, and all that comes from it!

    AD - RtR/OS! (814db9)

  32. When her son was killed, generations of Sheehans were lost.

    Yes, but her son made that choice voluntarily – he had every option to complete the remainder of his hitch stateside, yet opted to re – enlist and rejoin his comrades in a dangerous combat zone. The man had already won a Bronze star for his actions, yet still chose to go back to an uncertain future. But did the MSM choose to cover this aspect in any detail? No, we only heard from the grieving mother, who insisted on dragging her son’s corpse across the countryside. While I sympathize with her plight, the MSM bears a large responsibility in contributing to her mental illness, choosing to ignore the obvious sings of mental impairment, just so long as the ends justified their means.

    Dmac (5ddc52)

  33. The word “protesters” only has one “o” in it.

    It wearies me to see it misspelled so often, but it is reflective of those passing themselves off as “journalists” today.

    Contemporary J-schools produce “truth-tellers” schooled in a weird brew of pseudo-socialist ideology.

    To their absolute disgrace, they also produce “graduates” who would not have made it through my seventh-grade grammar course.

    As a former editor, I can certainly say that most recent graduates – especially those from big-time J-schools like the University of Missouri School of Journalism – employed at my newspapers were horrific spellers.

    And I employed a number from the University of Missouri. They were the worst, but they were from the “best” J-school in the country. Uh, huh.

    Take a look at any story you read. Listen closely to TV and radio reporters.

    They often are unable to identify subject-verb disagreements because they write or read them.

    Any review of most mainstream and so-called alternative media will also reveal deficiencies in grammar.

    Most reporters and editors don’t even know that “media” is plural, to prove a point.

    I realize this is off-topic, but bear with me because this lack of professional expertise is directly related to what you read and why Sheehan is not in bold headlines on your newspaper’s front page, as she would have been in the previous administration.

    Most mainstream and alternative media overstepped every single journalistic ethics code I know of to slant the news against the former administration every chance they had by promoting their own interpretation of current events, rather than reporting the facts, which means all views of an issue, even when there are more than two viewpoints.

    Now that we have a war going haywire in Afghanistan, and now that we are into nation-building in a region of the world where the huge armies of vast empires have become mired and then lost, where are most of those mainstream and so-called alternative media outlets, whether print, radio, Internet, TV, satellite, or whatever?

    Where are they, I ask?

    After all, isn’t this a change of mission much like the previous administration was pilloried for in Iraq?

    If this were the past administration, stories critical of this change of mission would fill the airwaves, newspapers and magazines.

    So where are the repetitive stories?

    Where are the photos of the caskets that media so desperately needed to slant public opinion?

    Where are the nightly jokes on so-called comedians’ shows chronicling the goofs of the liar in chief?

    I mean, President Bush was challenged by the English language, but our A-D-D president is challenged by so much more.

    I’m not even a comedian, but I’m thinking of putting together a book of the Imposter in Chief’s “woopsies” and publishing it.

    I’m sure it would be a best-seller because there are more conservatives in America than liberals.

    Although media believe differently. That’s because they are special.

    Now that their guy is in office, there is suddenly no desire to slant public opinion against the office of the president.

    Simply repulsive, isn’t it?

    Where are the names of the brave Americans who have been cut down in battle?

    Where is the outrage of the left, the pseudo-Marxist elitists and their merry band of sicko sycophants?

    At least Ms. Sheehan is consistent to a degree. She may actually be the conscience of the left that has gone missing in action in Afghanistan.

    I also realize the true left — the Marxists-Leninist-, Red Brigade-, Bernardine “blow-up-cops-and-other-innocents” Dohrn- and Bill “corrupt-the-children” Ayers-loving true believers – remains opposed to the war in Afghanistan.

    But the “soft left” will follow the Compulsive Liar in Chief down any path to destruction he takes them.

    They are also true believers.

    After all, now the great American war-monger, the man with “the blood of innocents” and dead American heroes on his hands is a Democrat who promised “hope” and “change.”

    Mr. “Hope” and “Change” has no clue because he has NEVER held a REAL job and employed REAL employees.

    Mr. “I will transform America” has no clue because he has been indoctrinated in political lies since he was a young boy, lacking any spiritual dimension, which is cause for concern because all authoritarians lack any real connection to God.

    The Dithering Dope in Chief cannot even choose a church.

    The guy couldn’t even write a book, so his radical and vengeful friend had to write it for him.


    Watch for my blockbuster titled “Clueless in Washington.”

    I’m sure by now I’m on some White House watch list, but I already went public before his nasty cabal took over our government by alerting the public to potential draconian decisions coming from the FCC.

    One last thing about today’s journalists, from an insider: Most J-school grads are indoctrinated in a thoroughly corrupt world view that sets them up as “truth-tellers.”

    In other words, they are the arbiters of what is good or bad, right or wrong, moral or immoral.

    They are not supposed to give you both sides; they are supposed to give you “the truth.”

    To be more exact, they are supposed to “interpret” the truth for you.

    It’s kind of scary.

    Didn’t Hitler speak the “truth”?

    Didn’t Mussolini speak the “truth”?

    Didn’t some genocidal ayatollah and his successors speak the “truth”?

    Don’t some genocidal and grossly misunderstood terrorists also speak the “truth”?

    Didn’t Marx speak the “truth”?

    Didn’t Lenin speak the “truth”?

    Didn’t Stalin speak the “truth”?

    Didn’t Pol Pot speak the “truth”?

    Well, the foul smell from the halls of contemporary J-schools comes from a toxic mix of such “truth-telling.”

    That’s why so many people in America are unnerved by what’s going on.

    There is a palpable societal apprehension because Americans know that the scary people in Washington, exemplified by the horror show of the czars and the I Will Say Anything In Chief, actually have real authoritarian views of how to force people to live how they think we should live.

    When you deconstruct the rhetoric and get to the truth, they are nothing more than just more cogs in the long assembly line of authoritarians.

    For the past 40 years, the self-described “liberals” have infiltrated every portion of local, regional, state and federal governments.

    They occupy authority positions in agencies that control our water, air, environment, etc. (Try developing something in California, for example. Try logging in California. Try fishing in California. Try planting agricultural crops, unless they are marijuana, in California.)

    Now that the spiritually challenged cabal that currently rules Washington has power, it will unleash with a fury whatever it cannot get done legislatively through its appointments to key agencies.

    Expect everything to become even more regulated. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    So how does this tie into Sheehan, media and the evil death cult in Washington?

    Because the majority of mainstream and alternative media only persecute those with whom they disagree.

    Remember, they are true believers. That’s why their hearts went “thump-thump-thump” when Oprah branded Obama as “The One.”

    “O” came to us from God was the message, much like the then-pope said Mussolini was leader by divine providence.

    I know, the parallels are NOT exact, but the reflection is disturbing.

    After all, some could argue that Oprah has more pull today than the pope did in the 1920s and 1930s.

    Since most media are “liberal,” that means the current Washington cabal gets a pass.

    Yet Sheehan stands as a beacon of light shining a lightning bolt of reflection upon the lies of the left.

    She is true to her cause.

    The Washington cabal is not. It will throw anything and anyone under the bus for power.

    Even Mussolini had his son-in-law shot.

    A Professional Journalist (f493a7)

  34. That was a ridulous amount of wall – o – text you just posted there, pardner. There is no way that any sentient being will have the stamina to wade through all that pontification – in the future, just provide a link to your seminars, you’ll do much better.

    Dmac (5ddc52)

  35. That was a ridiculous amount of wall – o – text you just posted there, pardner. There is no way that any sentient being will have the stamina to wade through all that pontification – in the future, just provide a link to your seminars, you’ll do much better.

    Dmac (5ddc52)

  36. Sorry for the double post.

    Dmac (5ddc52)

  37. Actually, I think APJ has a point, particularly at the end…
    (H/T HotAir) OMB has directed all Executive Departments to sever any and all ties to ACORN…
    I think they just shot the son-in-law.

    AD - RtR/OS! (814db9)

  38. “We’re going to create a movement that’s going to demand a change of policy,” she said, explaining that her plan is to create large, coordinated acts of civil resistance, “It’s going to be massive.

    Is that related to the massive movement I have every morning?

    I denounce myself.

    BJTexs (a2cb5a)

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