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Why God Made Moms

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[Guest post by DRJ]

What better way to end a Sunday evening than with the wit and wisdom of second graders?


3 Responses to “Why God Made Moms”

  1. The source linked doesn’t identify where it came from. I work at a K-8 school. I hate to be an old poopy, but it doesn’t have an authentic ring to it. I’m guessing these were written and/or heavily, heavily edited by someone a lot older.

    Born Free (f32cb5)

  2. i don’t know. Seven/eight yr olds. I can see them coming up with that.
    When I was 7 Miss Brouder had us conduct a civil court to adjudicate on whether Troy Graves (another 7 yr old) was guilty of sneaking out to the big kids playground.
    I don’t remember the reasons why this was a big deal at the time, but I remember the process.
    Have seven yr olds regressed since the 60’s?

    papertiger (8349ff)

  3. Maybe the spelling was corrected for clarity of thought, but I can totally see 7 & 8 year olds coming up with these sorts of answers.

    papertiger (769b6c)

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