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Homegrown Jihadis

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Attorney General Eric Holder is worried about homegrown terrorists, presumably like North Carolinians Daniel Patrick Boyd and his sons who have been arrested on suspicion of planning foreign terror attacks. Rusty at My Pet Jawa has an eye-opening post on what appears to be two of these suspected jihadis, Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammad Omar Aly Hussain.


6 Responses to “Homegrown Jihadis”

  1. There are various “Islamic” communities in Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania that have been noted for unual activities including para military training. I assume these are watched by the authorities. But is more disturbing is the scope of fund raising and organizing conducted in this country by radical Islam.

    Thomas Jackson (8ffd46)

  2. Mike Adams over at Townhall seems to have played a role in finally getting the authorities to pay attention to one of the jihadis in academia in this country:!

    daleyrocks (718861)

  3. AG Holder and DHS chief Janet have made it pretty clear that their definition of a terrorist is based on a belief that the Constitution means what it says. It’s a great pity that they don’t take the Quran as meaning what it says when it divides the world into the Dar al Islam and the Dar al Harb, and authorizes the killing / enslaving of the latter by the former.

    SDN (9e17b6)

  4. I think that the case of “The Traveling Imans” up in MN is instructional for how this country deals with this growing homegrown threat. First they try to use the courts in order to further their long – term goals of Islamic Law in this country (look at Britain for examples). The MSM also completely ignored the disruption of a homegrown terrorist cell that very nearly blew up half of LA, not more than 4 years ago:

    We also have the near – news blackout of the plot to murder servicemen in NY; it would appear that that only way for our AG to start paying attention is when wanton murder is committed on a mass scale.

    Dmac (e6d1c2)

  5. Meanwhile, Richard Reid, the shoe-bomber, sues for his “first amendment rights” and Obama’s DoJ caves. Apparently holding convicted terrorists incommunicado is wrong, and they should be allowed to write letters to Egyptian newspapers extolling jihad and pray in a group with other convicted jihadis.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  6. AG Eric Holder isn’t interested in homegrown terrorists. His Department of Justice (I’m not joking) dropped all charges against the New Black Panther Party thugs who were caught on video tape threatening and intimidating voters on the precinct doorstep during the election that put Obama in the WH.

    Associate AG, Thomas J Perrilli, the #3 man at DOJ is the designated patsy. He’s an Obama political appointment who got his job after raising over $500,000 in campaign contributions. This is how Obama rewards useful idiots. He’s going under the bus too.

    Ropelight (bb3af5)

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