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The Tim Tebow Mystery, Solved

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[Guest post by DRJ]

South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier voted against Tim Tebow before he voted for him:

“South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier has acknowledged that he was the culprit who did not vote for Florida quarterback Tim Tebow on the coaches’ preseason All-SEC football team.

Spurrier, who like Tebow won a Heisman Trophy as a Florida quarterback, said it was a mistake. He said there was a miscommunication between him and Director of Football Operations Jamie Speronis, who filled out and sent in Spurrier’s ballot.
Spurrier, who said he had trouble sleeping last night when he found out what happened, phoned Charles Bloom of the SEC office to ask if he could change his vote. Bloom allowed it, so technically Tebow now joins Tennessee safety Eric Berry, LSU tackle Ciron Black and Alabama receiver Julio Jones was [sic] unanimous selections.”

Spurrier’s explanation is at the link. My explanation is highlighted above.


7 Responses to “The Tim Tebow Mystery, Solved”

  1. Your explanation is quite close to mine, but much kinder, without the curse words.

    JD (2d6d20)

  2. JD,

    This obviously isn’t a hot-button topic at PP but I think it’s interesting, and I wonder if it has anything to do with this story from last December when Tebow came in third in the Heisman balloting:

    “They either love us or they hate it,” Tebow said. “That’s the Gator Nation. They didn’t think I was worthy, but I get one more chance.”

    And then he blamed Steve Spurrier for costing him the Heisman.

    Not really.

    But what he did say is that love ’em or hate ’em mentality started with “Spurrier’s swagger.” And that’s when I told Tebow the headline in our paper would read, “Tebow blames Spurrier for Heisman loss.”

    “Only if you write it,” he said laughing.”

    DRJ (6f3f43)

  3. Tebow is twice the quarterback that Spurrier was. Bubba White of Michigan State should have won the Heisman in 1966 anyway.

    JVW (b1db51)

  4. Um, Bubba Smith that is. Don’t know who I was thinking of when I said Bubba White — maybe some amalgamation of Bubba Smith and Reggie White (or even Randy White). That would be one hell of a lineman.

    JVW (b1db51)

  5. Great linemen, all. The Manster is my favorite because I was a Cowboys fan back then, but Bubba and Reggie are both just as great.

    DRJ (6f3f43)

  6. My all-time favorite lineman was Dave Butz (the name still makes me laugh), because I went to church with his parents.

    I do not care for Tebow, and doubt he will ever play in the league as a QB. Spurrier does not bother me as much as he does most people. I like the swagger since he can actually back it up.

    JD (220a1a)

  7. Everyone says Tebow can’t be an NFL quarterback, but I’m not sure. The guy seems to have a pile of raw physical ability. He might not be awesome, but there are a lot of mediocre dudes in the NFL that have QB jobs because they can follow directions and execute plays efficiently. If Tebow can shut his yap and do what he’s told, he might be good enough to be a servicable game-manager type of quarterback.

    KingShamus (4fabb2)

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