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From Dean Baquet:

“You’re acting like a jerk,” he explained, but “I’ll look into it.”

Stealing stuff from blogs without attribution, of course, is not “acting like a jerk.” At the New York Times, it’s known as “Standard Operating Procedure.”

3 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. The arrogance is a nice touch. It gives his words authenticity.

    carlitos (730478)

  2. Yep, it’s good to see that Baquet didn’t leave his arrogance and mendacity in Los Angeles when he headed back East.

    JVW (a8c610)

  3. Astounding as well as disgusting. The old LAT scoundrel Baquet is now holding court and manning the barricades (against truth) at the NYT.

    Of course, Obama is a radical. Of course, the NYT is radical. Of course, they knowingly suppressed information.

    Anyone who has grown up on the exaltation of media as in All The President’s Men must finally acknowledge the degraded animus of media. Whether or not enough people come to their senses soon enough to save the republic is another matter. One can hope.

    Patricia (2183bb)

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