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[Guest post by DRJ]

Senior Eye Chart.

Luxury yacht company offers pirate-hunting cruises along the coast of Somalia. [UPDATE by DRJ: Yes, it’s a hoax.]

Beware the Obama Evil Eye.

Finally, a trip down memory lane for my generation: The Jackson 5 on Soul Train.


31 Responses to “Fun Links”

  1. Tourists vs. Somalis? Five to one on the Somalis.

    nk (bef3ab)

  2. Seriously, I would love to hear that the cruise ship was holed by a dozen or so RPG rockets (which BTW exceed the effective range of the AK by 200 meters) and all aboard drowned. Manhunting for fun is a sick thing.

    nk (bef3ab)

  3. Is Obama mastering the Double Whammy?

    Techie (482700)

  4. Obama has a facial tic. His evil eye may be the side effect of botox injections to suppress it.

    nk (bef3ab)

  5. I agree, nk, that manhunting for fun is a sick thing (I personally would not want to see anyone harmed, let alone drown), but what happens if the pirates win? What’s the liability, if any? What sort of contract do these funseekers sign just in case it doesn’t go their way?

    Dana (8d88ef)

  6. I believe that they are outside the law, (good looking) Dana, and have no recourse.

    nk (bef3ab)

  7. […] what the crew at Patterico has to […]

    Gazzer’s Gabfest » President Stink-Eye? (b98ad6)

  8. This is just some SofF-type’s version of a joke, and has been going around the 2nd-A community ever since the LiC got off the dime and allowed the Navy to ice those pirates.
    Anyway, what’s really wrong about meting-out the punishment they deserve for the life they’ve chosen?

    AD - RtR/OS! (e2c6d2)

  9. Tourists would win hands down. Especially if they were captured. The Somalis would never be able to afford to feed an American cruise-goer.

    Gazzer (10bcc0)

  10. More re Obama,

    It may be less of an evil eye and more of a Parkinsonian “Poker Face” due either to the neurologic condition or a side effect of the treatment.

    nk (bef3ab)

  11. nk and Dana make a good point about pirate-hunting. A pirate-hunting cruise is interesting but it shouldn’t be considered fun, and I regret leaving that impression with my title. But it does seem to be the real thing, AD, unlike the fictional stories that were popular after the Maersk Alabama was pirated.

    DRJ (cdbef5)

  12. Presumably you all know that the article about the pirate-hunting cruise is a hoax.

    Steven Den Beste (99cfa1)

  13. A pirate-hunting cruise is interesting but it shouldn’t be considered fun, and I regret leaving that impression with my title.

    I had no problem with your title, DRJ. I just think the fun part would be the pirates killing the tourists.

    nk (bef3ab)

  14. I confess I was taken in. How can you tell, other than it sounds like a joke?

    DRJ (cdbef5)

  15. Yes, Steve Den Beste, I should have added a smiley face…

    btw, DRJ, the Senior Eye Chart was hilarious – I just recently got my first pair of generic (1.25) readers and was squinting through them trying to see if it really was a girl undressing or some sort of bug. I thought maybe I should’ve gone with the 2.25s!

    Dana (8d88ef)

  16. There are weapons-laws in various countries that would have to be violated to accomplish this – the same laws that prevent commercial shipping companies from supplying arms to their crews.

    AD - RtR/OS! (e2c6d2)

  17. In the 80s there was a similar hoax/legend about tourist snipers in Beirut, where wealthy Europeans would pay to shoot human targets.

    Glen Wishard (02562c)

  18. no one wants to be a pirate… these monsters are evil, but borne of the need for things like food.

    i hope this was indeed a joke.

    Juan (0a6638)

  19. Juan, I assumed it was satire. Read a few of the articles on their banner. If it’s not, yikes.

    Dana (8d88ef)

  20. Right, it’s satire I see. but you have to admit, in the days we’re living in, it’s just not that hard to believe.

    Juan (0a6638)

  21. I found what may be the source story for the pirate-hunting cruise in an Austrian news site. Scroll down for the English translation from the German (or Austrian, for Obama fans). While it’s likely satire and a hoax, it’s been widely reported in dozens of legitimate news sites.

    DRJ (cdbef5)

  22. Where’s the high-res version of the eye-chart, sonny?

    great unknown (b751d2)

  23. No one wants to be a pirate? These Somalis go to a highly selective pirate school. After graduation, the hit the ground running. Their return on investment exceeds anything in our free enterprise system.

    Why all the sympathy for evil doers? Oh yeah, hope and change.

    Alta Bob (75c739)

  24. Pirates are the last truly libertarian society left.

    nk (218382)

  25. DRJ – How about an eye chart FOR women.

    PatAZ (9d1bb3)

  26. You’ld need the Hale Telescope to read your monitor.

    AD - RtR/OS! (5fd0fb)

  27. Alta bob, I’m sympathetic to them because I don’t live in a jingo world. Those people do deserve to face punishment and are evil, but the opportunity in their nation is to starve to death or be a thug. You can have lofty ideals for a week or two when you’re hungry, but eventually it gets frustrating.

    It’s evil and defending innocent people is a great thing. Going out of your way to kill 12 year old Bloods in Compton would not be very noble either, though.

    The real problem is Clinton’s foreign policy.

    Juan (81687c)

  28. So in my jingo world, am I wrong to condemn pirates?

    Alta Bob (4cb4b8)

  29. So in my jingo world, am I wrong to condemn pirates?

    Comment by Alta Bob — 7/1/2009 @ 8:28 pm

    Of course not. Not anymore than Stalin was wrong to condemn America, at least.

    nk (218382)

  30. Alta, I condemned the pirates too.

    And I’m right to condemn anyone who would equivocate between hunting humans and condemning piracy. These pirates are miserable, awful people, but they didn’t have among their choices ‘peaceful survival’ and the situation they are in is a little hard to understand if you live in a jingoistic world. It’s very sad what’s left of this part of the world.

    When a homeless man robs a store to fund his needs, he deserves to go to jail, but that’s not a good reason to hunt him.

    Juan (cab674)

  31. Your logic would also apply to a ghetto punk shooting into a crowd, commonly referred to as a drive by shooting. He didn’t choose his plight either.

    Somalia has picked its culture and history. The fruits of which is harvested in a pirate culture.

    Alta Bob (4cb4b8)

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