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Xrlq Takes on

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He focuses on their lies by omission.

They still haven’t fixed their error‘ about Obama’s pledge not to run for President, by the way.

5 Responses to “Xrlq Takes on”

  1. Snopes was good at one time, but has steadily degraded as the proprietors got swelled heads and allowed their biases to erode their objectivity. We don’t point to it much any longer at Debunkers.

    SPQR (72771e)

  2. Agreed – I too used to steer folks over there to disabuse them of certain notions. Now, I wouldn’t trust them with the time of day.

    rhodeymark (1aaf2a)

  3. Snopes lost discarded all credibility some time ago.

    They are now just more of the bottom-feeders of the left.

    And I think you /.’d Xlrq

    Larry Sheldon (86b2e1)

  4. If I’m not mistaken, Snopes has stealth-edited the ’50 Lies’ page.

    It used to say:

    Obama never stated categorically that he would not run on a national ticket in 2008. He at one time said that he had “no plans” to run for national office in 2008, the standard response virtually all politicians give to press inquiries when they have not yet formulated (or do not wish to reveal) their plans for upcoming elections.

    That verbiage has now disappeared, to be replaced with:

    In 2004, just after winning election to the U.S. Senate, Barack Obama said during a press conference, in response to a question about his possibly running for national office, that:
    “I am a believer in knowing what you’re doing when you apply for a job, and I think that if I were to seriously consider running on a national ticket I would essentially have to start now, before having served a day in the Senate. Now, there are some people who might be comfortable doing that, but I’m not one of them.”

    This is really strange. How is this NOT a lie? Obama obviously is “one of them” because he DID “essentially have to start now, before having served a day in the Senate”?

    Snopes seems to imply that this means he wasn’t lying when he said he wouldn’t run in ’08. I don’t see how the above quote helps his case, though.

    And obviously, still no mention of the very categorical denial on Meet the Press. Guess the Internet detectives over at Snopes still haven’t managed to track it down:)

    CTD (7054d2)

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