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Obama Claims Win in Texas Pledged Delegates

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Austin American-Statesman blog reports that, even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, Barack Obama claims he won the Texas pledged delegates after today’s state conventions. The Statesman also reprinted this Obama press release:

“With more than 56 percent of the results tallied from today’s 284 Democratic district conventions across Texas, Sen. Barack Obama currently is projected to earn a 38-29 pledged delegate win in the Texas caucuses, exactly as projected on the day after the March 4th precinct caucuses. The nine delegate margin in the caucuses means Obama will gain a net margin of five pledged delegates from Texas because Senator Clinton narrowly won the Texas primary by only four delegates, 65-61.”

As well as this dig against Hillary’s campaign from an Obama spokesman:

“Despite the Clinton campaign’s widespread attempts to prevent many Texans from participating in their district convention, the voters of Texas confirmed Senator Obama’s important delegate win in the Lone Star State,” said Obama spokesman Josh Earnest. “Today’s record-shattering turnout sends a clear message that the American people are ready for change in Washington and new leadership in the White House that will stand up for working families.”

Texas Democrats have established a system where delegates can upset the popular vote and national superdelegates trump both. This is not a good situation for the Democrats.

NOTE: This Houston Chronicle article has more details regarding this afternoon’s conventions.


10 Responses to “Obama Claims Win in Texas Pledged Delegates”

  1. Here again the voters have spoken – they cannot make up their minds.

    The Democrat party gave the folks a chance to declare a clear winner and they have chosen not to. It is now rightly the job of the Party professionals to choose.

    I have had it with anyone who asserts that the nomination would be taken from either HRC or BHO. Neither made a winning case. Now, their fate is up to the Party. What’s the damn problem?

    Ed (4d72af)

  2. Ed – “It is now rightly the job of the Party hacks and lawyers to choose.”

    Fixed that for you Ed. Nothing is wrong with that. I’m buying more popcorn.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  3. Once again, Obama is in this big hurry to grab the prize and run. Between that and this constant harrassment of Hillary to quit, I’m beginning to think he has something to hide and wants to eleminate any competition before we find out about it.

    Mary Muncie (a43e97)

  4. Mary – It’s almost like Hillary’s positions of not wanting to disclose White House information or tax returns until after the primaries were over, isn’t it?

    daleyrocks (906622)

  5. Could Barry be so delusional that he thinks that the Wright scandal will disappear once he has the nomination in his pocket?
    You go Guy!
    This will be fun.
    Could I get extra butter?

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  6. Obama is the voice of real change.

    John (761fef)

  7. Obama is the voice of real change.

    Exactly! The voice that changes its positions when the spotlight gets too hot or inconvenient. He’s had more positions on Iraq than John Kerry. That’s Changiness!

    Son of Flipper!

    daleyrocks (906622)

  8. Hell, yes, Obama wants this nomination wrapped up and Hillary to drop out. The Rezko trial is only going into it’s second week, and it is estimated to go on for 10-12 weeks. That is a lot of time for facts/documents to come out about how Obama was helping his long time friend secure state money so that Rezko could contribute to his campaign coffers. We already know that Obama first claimed Rezko bundled $50-60K with that number now being closer to $275K for three of Obama’s campaigns.

    If Hillary drops out, Obama takes the nomination. But when the other shoe drops on Obama (and it will), you will see the grassroots movement to give the nomination to Al Gore (it has already started) creating an upset at the Denver convention.

    And if you think that Hillary has not been digging into the Obama trash can, just wait as Pennslyvania gets closer.

    retire05 (8e112e)

  9. Guess what — Senator Obama is ahead in delegates, ahead in popular vote. Unless Senator Clinton really does something unexpected, she will not be able to catch up. The “super” delagates will most likely swing to Senator Obama’s side. Now is the time to stop the bickering and get behind the democratic nominee.

    MM (61d1ac)

  10. MM,

    Boy, did you end up at the wrong website.

    DRJ (a431ca)

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