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Robbery Witnesses identify Santa Claus

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Some witnesses provide reliable information but witnesses in stressful situations can produce unreliable versions of events. Here’s a good example from New Hampshire:

“LONDONDERRY (AP) – Santa is off the hook in a bank robbery.

Initially, the man who robbed St. Mary’s Bank on Tuesday was described as wearing a Santa hat and beard. Close, but not exactly accurate. A second look at surveillance photos shows the hat was a blue Santa hat with the words “Red Sox” on the front and the beard was a long scarf.

The man got away with cash after claiming he had a weapon.”

I think security cameras not only help capture offenders but probably help protect innocent people, too. Or, as in this case, innocent Santas.


9 Responses to “Robbery Witnesses identify Santa Claus”

  1. Just a note for those people in the N.H. bank-

    I realize back in 83 you recieved a lump of coal in your stocking, while little Tommy next door got a brand new Shwinn. But be honest, that was the year you set the laundry on fire playing with matchs, and also the year you painted the cat green.
    You earned that coal and 25 years is too long for you to nurse a hateful grudge against ol’ Saint Nick.

    papertiger (fbc22c)

  2. Who better to make a “withdrawal” at Saint Mary’s Bank, than Saint Nick.

    Another Drew (a28ef4)

  3. Since when do red sox hats come in blue?

    papertiger (3a3033)

  4. Be careful with generalities… not all of us Santas are so innocent.

    fishbane (fbe4d4)

  5. Is that a lineup of suspects at the police station, or the try out for store Santa at Macys?.

    papertiger (3a3033)

  6. papertiger, you did right good up until the blue hat deal. You evidently missed the small print in the sports team color scheme manual where teams colors are…colors, plural, y’know. Confusing, oh yes, just like the intemperate Randy Moss getting all temperate after finally landing on a winning team. Mysteriously all healed up, as well. Patriots have that plural color thing going, too. I know, I know…

    #1 was well done, compliments.

    allan (dbb261)

  7. Well, I’ve never been a small print guy…

    papertiger (f6198c)

  8. Regrettably, this has a precedent. It was 44 years ago, and my memory is understandably fuzzy about the incident, so please forgive any minor inaccuracies on the details.

    One of the worst crimes in the history of the city of Montreal, Canada occurred in 1963 when a man dressed in a Santa suit walked into a bank in Dorval and killed 3 people in the course of a robbery.

    The perp was eventually caught. I believe his name was George Marcotte, and that he was one of the last individuals executed in Canada before the country — clearly in a desperate search for a favorable New York Times editorial mention — banned the death penalty.

    Steve Levy (887d96)

  9. Is that a lineup of suspects at the police station, or the try out for store Santa at Macys?.

    That’s ~2k of us santas, out for a pub crawl. There’s a Santa Sluts hashing run going on as I type this; regrettably, boys aren’t invited. I’ll have to ask my SO for updates on how it went. Santa rides the MTA!

    fishbane (fbe4d4)

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