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People Magazine Picks Joel Osteen

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[Guest post by DRJ]

People Magazine put Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini on its December 17th cover (on sale now!) … except in Texas, where the cover features Houston Pastor Joel Osteen and his wife:

“It would seem that penning a Christian best-seller can’t compete with a flap about how an actress looks in a bikini.

Except in Texas.

Readers of People magazine in Texas will find a big picture of Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen and his wife, Victoria, on the cover of the Dec. 17 issue that lands at the nearest grocery store checkout line today. The rest of the country gets a photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt creating a stir about whether she looks chubby on the beach. Osteen’s photo will have a smaller spot on the national cover.

It is clear Osteen is a household name beyond Houston because of his television ministry and books, said People’s managing editor Larry Hackett. But body image, weight-loss and television stardom remain People’s bread and butter, he said.”

The cover is shown at the link and if you look closely, there are also two small photos of Jessica Simpson and Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo. I don’t think People Magazine knows Texans as well as they think because if Simpson and Romo were featured on the Texas cover, that issue would sell like hotcakes.


11 Responses to “People Magazine Picks Joel Osteen”

  1. Bah! Bah, I say! No one anywhere likes Tony Romo or Jessica Simpson.

    Stupid Detroit…

    Leviticus (b987b0)

  2. [ooooo, yippee ki-yoh, an NFL timeout inside a People’s mag timeout]…and last week we had the stooopid Baltimore Ravens!!!

    deuteronomy (fddc59)

  3. My Colts took care of those Ravens for you.

    Outside of being a young perpetually smiling QB, doesn’t Romo have ears the size of Dumbo.

    FWIW – Jeniffer Love Hewitt seems like one of the classiest and most classicly beautiful young ladies in Hollywood.

    JD (2c9284)

  4. I wouldn’t kick JLH out, just sayin’.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  5. DRJ – Why can’t we have the bikini shots on the main page of the blog? Why do we have to go find them through a link? It’s not exactly an unsafe picture or anything. Enquiring minds and all…

    daleyrocks (906622)

  6. i’ve never heard of joel osteen. the only osteen i can think of is claude osteen, a dodger pitcher in my distant youth.

    after looking at the jlh bikini shot, i can’t comprehend what the fuss is about her weight. i pronounce her esff (eminently suitable for fornication).

    tony romo. as a san francisco 49er fan, i envy dallas for having a quarterback who at least looks respectable out there. our own quarterback and overall team situation is teh sucko right now. #1 overall pick alex smith was underwhelming before his shoulder separation, the backup trent dilfer just got injured against minnesota, the clueless coach looks like a freak (it’s ok to wear business attire on the sideline if you’re tom landry and also know how to win games) and the ownership has been insufficiently competitive since eddie d was forced to hand it over to his sister and her husband.

    what we need is for larry ellison to buy the 49ers. a successful football team is a top-down thing which starts with the perspicacity, competitive nature and willingness to write big paychecks of the owner.

    assistant devil's advocate (aa4b81)

  7. Daley,

    She could eat crackers too….That’s one fine lookin’lady.

    patrick (5903bd)

  8. daleyrocks,

    I must confess, I don’t know how to embed pictures, photos, etc., on Patterico’s website but give me credit for the link. I knew there would be requests so I looked for the best one I could find.

    DRJ (a6fcd2)

  9. DRJ – Just to be fair to people of David E.’s preferences, why don’t you look aeound for a picture of Clarence Thomas in a bathing suit and provide a link?

    daleyrocks (906622)

  10. I agree with the other guys.

    She’s just about the hottest gal in holywood these days.

    Her figure is, frankly, perfect.

    Scott Jacobs (425810)

  11. JLH looks booty-licious to me and my buds here in GA!!

    Steve Haas (3e4667)

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