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Rogan Blue-Slipped

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My favorite house manager during the Clinton impeachment proceedings was Jim Rogan. I found him very inspirational. He is a former L.A. County Deputy D.A., and the story goes that he gave a final argument in a vehicular manslaughter case by wordlessly pouring six shots of liquor, snapping his fingers, and sitting down.

I don’t know if that story is true or not, but I like it. And I like Jim Rogan.

I was pleased when I learned a year ago that Rogan had been nominated for a district court judgeship. However, I noted, there was a problem:

Rogan was, of course, a noted figure in the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

This could be very interesting. I’m an admirer of Rogan’s, so I hope it works out for him. What problems could he possibly run into?

My take was tongue-in-cheek — so much so, I’m afraid, that most commenters didn’t seem to get the joke. (This is before I had my joke post link that I now use for deadpan jokes.)

Power Line’s Paul was a little more straightforward:

As to Hillary, it’s almost certain that she won’t want to revive memories of his husband’s impeachment by making public stand against Rogan. However, she may have others do her bidding, as might have been the case with Kavanaugh.

What do you know? It appears that Barbara Boxer has blue-slipped Rogan. John Fund has the details.

13 Responses to “Rogan Blue-Slipped”

  1. How does this witch keep getting elected?

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  2. It’s California.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  3. Personally, Barbara Check Bouncer has no moral right Blue Slipping Rogan. None what so ever.

    PCD (09d6a8)

  4. Quoth Mr. Fund: How much more partisan and petty can Washington get?

    In the context of the Clinton impeachment, that’s a silly statement. There’s very little about that whole sage (on both sides) that was not partisan and/or petty.

    kishnevi (6273ad)

  5. should have been “whole saga”, not “whole sage”. No sages were involved the Clinton impeachment.

    kishnevi (6273ad)

  6. On either side…

    And the irony is that apparently Bill has long since forgiven Rogan, and actually seems to like the guy.

    No one from the Clinton Camp that was around during the days of the impeachment has said anything other than “he will make an amazing judge”.

    So much for Dems not being out for revenge, eh Nancy?

    Scott Jacobs (425810)

  7. Can you say “Recess Appointment”?

    Horatio (55069c)

  8. sure can, but this guy should get passed by the commitee. They are slippin’ him because there are no actual reasons to keep him off.

    Scott Jacobs (425810)

  9. I knew Jim Rogan when he was in the Assembly and later after he was elected to Congress. You can count me as a firm admirer. Boxer isn’t fit to lick his boots.

    Jim Gerwick (a83a1a)

  10. Barbara Boxer is a continuing embarassment to California. The Mill Valley matron (she likes to go grocery shopping in her fur coat to ward off the Arctic chill in the Bay area) is a San Francisco darling. But aside from name recognition, I can’t figure out why the sensible citizens of the Central Valley and eastern Southern California haven’t bounced that bum out of office. Surely at some point the “Reds” in those areas will overcome the “Blues” in San Francisco and the Westside of Los Angeles.

    Mike Myers (31af82)

  11. I tried quite a few cases, and put on hundreds of prelims in front of Jim Rogan. I have kept in contact with him since he left the bench as he was my representative in the Assembly and in Congress. It’s a horrible shame that Boxer is playing politics with this one. Jim Rogan, although a strong Republican, fought for impeachment solely because of the Rule of Law. Jim follows the law. That’s all there is to it. Clinton lied under oath. That’s all there was to that. As a former Judge, Jim Rogan could not sit idly by and let that go. He respects the law too much.
    I was proud to be listed as one of his references for the Superior Court and the District Court. He will make an excellent Federal District Judge. Boxer’s gotta go.

    MOG (f57a20)

  12. As an aside, the whole ability to derail a nomination with a blue slip is ridiculous. I wish someone, from either party, would have the courage to stand up and call their colleagues out on it.

    JD (2c9284)

  13. The, if Hillary wins, the Dems get zero judges. None. Nada. Zip. They started this crap with Bush 41.

    Law (62ca0c)

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