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Major League Sports Talk

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Tempted as I am to post on the Cowboys’ dramatic come-from-behind victory at Buffalo that included 6 Dallas (Romo) turnovers and 9 points in the last 20 seconds …

Who wants to talk about football when it’s crunch time for major league baseball?

Year in and year out, the New York Yankees are almost always in the hunt but you can’t say the same for the Cleveland Indians. Yet the Indians eliminated the Yankees from the American League playoffs:

“Once Grady Sizemore hit a leadoff home run, the Cleveland Indians were headed to the AL championship series while the New York Yankees were braced for a showdown with their boss.

Paul Byrd and the Indians bullpen closed out New York 6-4 in Game 4 Monday night, completing another first-round debacle for the Yankees that might cost manager Joe Torre his job.”

Cleveland will take on the Boston Red Sox Friday night in Boston. It will be the Indians’ first ALCS since 1998 and if they prevail over the Sox, they will be “seeking their first World Series title since 1948.”

Is this Major League II deja vu?

In the National League playoffs that start Thursday night, the Colorado Rockies will face the Arizona Diamondbacks so no matter who wins, the World Series will be East vs. West.

Get your remotes and TiVos ready.


16 Responses to “Major League Sports Talk”

  1. Cleveland is going all the way, DRJ. Mark my words. 😉

    H2U (81b7bd)

  2. You said it first, H2U. Consider it marked.

    DRJ (8b9d41)

  3. Who wants to talk about football when it’s crunch time for major league baseball?

    Cubs fans?


    Scott Jacobs (425810)

  4. Nice to see the Indians moving on.

    Best TV moment from one of the early games was a dead on impersonation Harry Doyle after a wild pitch, “Just a bit outside.”

    Eagle1 (01fdd2)

  5. Congrats to all the baseball teams….




    reff (bff229)

  6. In point of fact, the Indians played the New York Giants in the 1954 World Series and LOST.

    We’ve been waiting a long time – just haven’t been as noisy about it as some other cities. Boston has had their thrill, the Cubs blew their opportunity – and speaking as someone who actually WENT to one of the 1948 World Series games, it’s just TIME folks! No doubt Bob Hope has a smile on his face today! He used to own a substantial piece of the team.

    Gayle Miller (aa26f3)

  7. I guess it’s a little known ‘point of fact’ that the Indians also lost a WS to the braves in ’95 (I believe) 😉

    Boston will beat Cleveland in 6, Colorado over Arizona in 7

    Colorado over Boston in 6

    Lord Nazh© (899dce)

  8. Grrr!!!

    Comment by nk — 10/9/2007 @ 12:16 pm

    Like I said… :)

    Scott Jacobs (425810)

  9. Hey, any time USC suffers a painful key football loss it is a fine weekend for me. And I never went to a rival school. No, there was a particular judge who is an adamant USC supporter as well as having been intentionally and unnecessarily arrogant, arbitrary and cruel. On those admittedly rare occasions where USC is upset, I smile a little for karma.

    nosh (53dd5b)

  10. GO DBACKS!

    PatAZ (56a0a8)

  11. Scott

    Who wants to talk about football when it’s crunch time for major league baseball?

    Cubs fans?

    Wait ’til next year! Mark Cuban will buy the Cubs, drop billions into their payroll, buying every available free agent, and not even win the Central, with the Cardinals clinching in mid July.

    This is one of the best

    baseball songs ever.

    JD (edb511)

  12. Scott – Mark Cuban will buy the Cubs, drop billions in payroll, and the Cardinals will win the Central, with the Cubs being mathematically eliminated in mid July.

    JD (edb511)

  13. Please.

    The cubs are eliminated by Statstical Analysis before the season starts.

    They’re just praying for an outlier…

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  14. Emily Dickinson was wrong. Hope is not “the thing with feathers”. Hope is the Cubs fan on the Sheffield side of Wrigley Field.

    nk (6e4f93)

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