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Become a Member of the Constitutional Vanguard!

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The Constitutional Vanguard is a group that believes in liberty, free-market economics, and the Constitution. We have a periodic newsletter devoted to spreading these principles, as well as a private Facebook group and a private discussion forum at, for members only.

If this sounds attractive to you, sign up using the form below!

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to ask to join the Facebook group, please include the name you use on Facebook on the sign-up form. That way, when you ask to join, and I look you up the list of members, I will see your name there.

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3 Responses to “Become a Member of the Constitutional Vanguard!”

  1. In their wisdom, the drafters of the Constitution provided us with a remedy for abuses of federal power that are left unchecked by the federal judiciary. It is time for us to apply that remedy by invoking Article V’s procedure to call for a Convention of the States to propose amendments that will restore the original meaning of the Constitution. Visit here to sign the petition, watch video’s and learn, and sign up to volunteer:

    Gary Rosenbaum (e63f81)

  2. we have an answer the Founders gave us! Article V Convention of States..we the states can take back what was originally ours!
    PLEASE sign the petition!!

    Diane Holzapfel (d11cd2)

  3. I would have to echo everyone else here recommending an Article V convention of states be held. That is the only way you’re going to get meaningful reform in DC. DC won’t reform itself.

    Brent Dunklau (8f129a)

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