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A Hypothetical to Illustrate the Point

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Let’s use a hypothetical to illustrate the point. Pretend that John Ashcroft filed a complaint in federal court alleging that Carol Williams is a partisan liberal hack who deliberately set out to libel him by knowingly misstating the holding of a federal court opinion. If that complaint were dismissed by the trial court under Rule 12(b)(6), the appellate court would have to accept Ashcroft’s allegations as true for purposes of the appeal. A reversal would not be an endorsement of Ashcroft’s allegations, but rather an indication that, assuming Ashcroft’s allegations are true, his complaint states a valid libel claim.

If that happened, would the L.A. Times write a story declaring that a federal court had issued a “scathing opinion” declaring that Carol Williams is a dishonest partisan hack? No. Somehow, I think that the procedural niceties would, all of a sudden, be carefully explained.

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