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Newsom Gets Cold Feet: Withdraws Dem Response to GOP Public Safety Initative

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[guest post by JVW]

As the Democrats begin to panic about the possible repercussions of this coming election, Gavin Newsom has decided not to undermine a GOP-led effort to roll back the progressive crime enforcement measures which Newsom’s party has been championing the past decade. CalMatters has the story:

In a stunning, last-minute reversal, Gov. Gavin Newsom is scrapping the anti-crime measure he and Democratic legislative leaders just announced. It had been designed to compete with one backed by Republicans and prosecutors that is already headed for voters in November.

In a statement tonight, the governor said Democrats “are unable to meet the ballot deadline to secure necessary amendments to ensure this measure’s success and we will be withdrawing it from consideration.”

The proposed ballot measure from Democrats cleared the Assembly’s public safety committee on a party-line vote earlier today and had been scheduled for floor votes Wednesday night, just in time to get on the Nov. 5 ballot.

On Monday, Newsom, Senate leader Mike McGuire of Santa Rosa and Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas of Salinas issued a joint statement arguing that their plan would improve public safety without returning to costly mass incarceration or the failed “war on drugs” that devastated communities of color.

The Democratic bill proposed less sweeping changes to Proposition 47, which was approved by voters in 2014 and which reduced certain property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, provided that the stolen goods aren’t worth more than $950.

Democrats are of course freaking out over the degree to which their lax on crime policies have turned much of urban California into an dystopian hellhole, with open drug-dealing, prostitution, organized theft, and civic disorder now defining large swaths of San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Fresno, Los Angeles, San Diego, and other parts of this deep deep blue state. In this case it would seem that Democrats could not come to agreement on how to increase public safety without running afoul of their extreme left flank. So rather than further splitting the party on the issue, they will take their chances with defeating the proposal from the GOP, county prosecutors, and law enforcement which seeks to undo much of the enforced leniency that Democrats and the racial grievances crowd have unleashed upon the state’s criminal justice system.

In social media posts tonight, Senate GOP leader Brian Jones of San Diego and Assembly leader James Gallagher of Chico both credited public blowback to the 11th-hour move by Newsom and Democrats.

“Appreciation to everyone who contacted their representatives, signed our petition, & helped educate the public on the deceitful tactics deployed by the Governor,” Gallagher posted.

“After mounting opposition and brutal media hits, Gavin Newsom finally listened to our calls and dropped his soft-on-crime ballot measure that undermined our democracy,” Jones said.

Greg Totten, co-chairperson of Californians for Safer Communities, said in a statement tonight that the group is “pleased The Governor and Legislature have dropped their countermeasure and welcome them to join our campaign to responsibly amend Prop 47 to deal with retail theft, the fentanyl crisis and homelessness.”

For his part, the Greasy Governor Gavin is falling back upon his typical self-serving double-talk and lies, hoping that his adoring fans don’t look behind the curtain:

In his statement tonight, Newsom said he and other supporters “chose to introduce an alternative measure for Californians to consider that represented a balanced and comprehensive strategy that put public safety first without reverting to outdated and ineffective policies of decades past. It included stiff new penalties for repeat offenders, stricter measures to take down fentanyl dealers, and expanded access to drug treatment programs in our communities.”

But now that the Democratic measure is dead, Newsom said, he plans to soon sign “a robust public safety package that expands criminal penalties, bolsters police & prosecutor tools, and cracks down on retail theft — the most significant reform in decades.”

Whether or not it was intentional, the uncredited author of the article let slip exactly why Gavin Newsom is throwing in the towel at this point:

But before then, Newsom is headed to the White House, where he will join other Democratic governors on Wednesday to support President Joe Biden, staggering from the horrendous debate performance last week.

Gavin Newsom wants to be President, even more so now that he sees Joe Biden weakened and on the verge of being pushed out, and the last thing he wants at this moment is to be seen as pandering to the far left of his state’s party by further coddling the criminal element. My guess is that he will publicly suggest to Golden State voters that if they defeat the GOP crime initiative in November he in turn will push “sensible” and “fair” reforms through the legislature in next year’s legislative session. But if the GOP initiative passes, which at this point is a strong possibility, Gov. Newsom can just shrug his shoulders and tell the radicals in his party that he tried to thwart it, but that the voters have spoken. As usual, Gavin Newsom is playing this issue like the true weasel we know him to be.


9 Responses to “Newsom Gets Cold Feet: Withdraws Dem Response to GOP Public Safety Initative”

  1. Good. I think. Maybe they think they can beat the initiative outright after passing a lukewarm statute with all kinds of local discretion.

    Kevin M (a9545f)

  2. Looks like newsom is getting ready when desperate democrat establishment kicks biden to the curb! Corporate liberalism and their donor class is worried about their future which does quite well under authoritarian police state we leftys do to when we control the police state. During the spanish civil war the infighting between the communists and the anarchists was quite interesting as it is today between establishment liberals and anarchists.

    asset (f00bc5)

  3. I’ve forgotten how many states are on the list which California state employees are banned from visiting on state business. Once Newsom gets in the race, I hope he’s asked why anyone in those states should vote for him.

    lloyd (0501a7)

  4. Adam Carolla recently called Newsom a “slippery eel of nothingness”.

    norcal (deec1e)

  5. Newsom is so painfully obvious in his quest for the presidency. He would rather disappoint his constituency by bailing on this just so he can promote himself at the White House before the right people. So transparent. It makes me wonder how other governors feel about him.

    Dana (3d6687)

  6. I have a campaign slogan for Newsom:

    Bringing California to everyone!

    norcal (deec1e)

  7. @7 Thanks, aphrael. That’s good info. So, Newsom signed AB 1887 into law where it was on the books for seven years. States like Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Iowa and Montana — states Newsom would want to win, were on the list. I think the total count got up to 24 states in total, half the country.

    I amend my comment @3 to “were on the list” instead of “are”, and otherwise the comment still stands. Newsom thought these states too deplorable to visit, but now he’ll expect them to have short memories. Good luck with that.

    lloyd (6e3f6d)

  8. On the subject of crime in Newsom’s California under Newsom’s policies and “California values”:

    Fashion Island robbery: Newport Beach Mayor says 1 suspect ‘shouldn’t have been in free society’

    It wasn’t a robbery. It was murder.

    “As you must know, all three perpetrators were residents of Compton or Los Angeles,” said Newport Beach councilmember Lauren Kleiman. “With the immediate pursuit, detention and arrest of all those involved, the message to anyone coming from Los Angeles — or anywhere else — to commit any crime here, is that the Newport Beach Police Department will apprehend you.”

    “The hell with these guys,” said Newport Beach Mayor Will O’Neill. “They came into our city knowing they were going to commit crime and a woman is dead today because of it.”

    O’Neill addressed McCrary’s history in a post on X Wednesday, saying “The devastating reality is that at least one of the men arrested yesterday for the robbery and murder of a woman in Newport Beach shouldn’t have been in free society. To hell with these guys, and to hell with every elected official who knew better and didn’t do better.”

    Newsom and Gascon should be prosecuted. Oh wait… they have immunity. Long Live the Kings.

    lloyd (6e3f6d)

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