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Constitutional Vanguard: This Is Not a “Black History Month Piece”

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My latest piece is primarily for the paid subscribers. Warning: it’s nearly 8,000 words–the equivalent of ten 800-word pieces. It’s a rambling but I hope entertaining and insightful look into how we can solve the “race problem” in this country by focusing on our common heritage as Americans rather than on silly differences like skin color. Excerpt:

So on one side you have Coleman Hughes, arguing that we should adopt the oldest tool to fight racism this country has: colorblindness. You have Albert Murray telling us that “the so-called black and so-called white people of the United States resemble nobody else in the world so much as they resemble each other,” and urging us to put aside our obsessions about skin color to focus on our common and shared American heritage of freedom and vibrant culture drawing from black and white (and others) alike. You have Clarence Thomas rejecting the notion that Americans are the “sum of our skin color.”

And on the other side, you have Black@TED whining about how a talk about colorblindness is supposedly racist, and demanding to talk to Coleman Hughes, only to back away when he accepts the challenge. You have the people who put on the woke Fidelio production, putting lines in characters’ mouths like “I see in you a field Negro” spoken to a black prison guard . . . all to the applause of a bunch of self-satisfied white liberal ladies no doubt freshly arrived from a $30,000 talk from a Cornel West or a Kimberle Crenshaw. And we have the Woke Kindergarten fanatics who think this is an appropriate message for kindergarteners trying to find out what 2 + 3 adds up to:

I precede the piece with a quick note in which I note that while the Collision newsletter at The Dispatch issued a good correction in response to my recent criticisms, to the best of my knowledge, the Advisory Opinions podcast has not.

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4 Responses to “Constitutional Vanguard: This Is Not a “Black History Month Piece””

  1. Thank you for this, Patterico…

    Simon Jester (c8876d)

  2. Thanks for reading, Simon.

    Patterico (2b55ca)

  3. I consider myself a xenophile, and I belong to some fairly diverse* organizations. I was struck by the unity after 9/11, where it was about US being attacked, not Wall Street, or white people, or really any other group. As one black guy said to me at the time, “This is a family thing.”

    That didn’t last, of course, as there are many people doing their level best to pull us apart and were long before MAGA decided to enter the fray.

    One of the reasons that I support Nikki Haley is that she is not in any clear racial or ethnic camp, and can still reach across the aisle to all. Some may spurn her, of course, but that’s on them.

    *in the true meaning of diverse

    Kevin M (ed969f)

  4. Power politics. Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s the right would yell commie pinkos if it was something they don’t like. Moscow is paying anti-war protesters and if you disagreed you were a useful idiot or fellow travler commie dupe. Black civil rights activists were all communists like dr. king and malcolm X. The communist party was behind the civil rights movement and black militants like the black panthers. Homosexuals were a communist plot. (See the movie dr. strangelove with Gen jack d ripper as.N.J. Robb) Sorry N.J. ;but it was to good to pass up. Yelling commie was effective and is done to AOC to this day. Yelling racist is just as effective if not more so. My side don’t like something You racist! Turn about is fair play. If you weren’t a closet racist committing micro-aggressions you would have no problems. Very effective. The side I am reluctantly supporting is doing this with the anti-semitism to cease fire supporters calling them dupes of hamas and being paid by hamas to protest. Have fun everybody.

    asset (7b1269)

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