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Far Right’s Latest Conspiracy Theories Are Utterly Ridiculous

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[guest post by Dana]

I wasn’t going to write about the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce conspiracy by the far right because the level of ridiculousness causes an immediate and reflexive eye roll [in rational Americans]. They’re a cute and famously successful couple. Hats off to them. Yet, when I read that a popular right-wing pundit suggested that “Taylor Swift is an op,” it became harder to laugh it off when seeing just how unhinged an already conspiracy-loving segment of the population has become…about a talented pop star. Consider:

Fox News host Jesse Watters asking on his prime time program earlier this month if Swift is a “Pentagon asset”…

“I wonder who’s going to win the Super Bowl next month,” Vivek Ramaswamy, the unsuccessful 2024 presidential candidate who has spread conspiracy theories about the January 6 insurrection and the legitimacy of the 2020 election, posted Monday on X. “And I wonder if there’s a major presidential endorsement coming from an artificially culturally propped-up couple this fall. Just some wild speculation over here, let’s see how it ages over the next 8 months.”

[Jack] Prosobiec said he believes the Democratic Party and other powers are “gearing up for an operation to use Taylor Swift in the election against” Donald Trump. [Roseanne] Barr agreed, saying that Swift is “definitely somebody who has consented to speak the way the establishment wants to be spoken of” and that using her influence will be how they “try to get on top of the next election.”

“Taylor Swift is an op,” Benny Johnson, a right-wing media personality who boasts millions of followers across different social media platforms, wrote on X. “It’s all fake. You’re being played.”

“The Democrats’ Taylor Swift election interference psyop is happening in the open,” added Laura Loomer, a self-described Islamophobe who has been embraced and promoted by Trump. “It’s not a coincidence that current and former Biden admin officials are propping up Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. They are going to use Taylor Swift as the poster child for their pro-abortion GOTV Campaign.”

“The NFL is totally RIGGED for the Kansas City Chiefs, Taylor Swift, Mr. Pfizer (Travis Kelce),” agreed Mike Crispi, a Salem Media host. “All to spread DEMOCRAT PROPAGANDA. Calling it now: KC wins, goes to Super Bowl, Swift comes out at the halftime show and ‘endorses’ Joe Biden with Kelce at midfield.”

“It’s all been an op since day one,” Crispi concluded


Normally I would just shake it off, but the level of craziness just continues to increase. Given what we’ve seen of Trump’s Republican Party, increasingly ridiculous conspiracies will be believed and normalized by MAGAland. And that involves millions of Trump voters who will turn out in droves to support him. The cultural decline on the far right is staggering. Instead of embracing a golden opportunity, those on the far right would rather promote absurd conspiracy theories:

A story where the famous pop star abandons her country roots and spends years dating unsuccessfully in a pool of Hollywood creeps and angsty musicians, only to find true love in the arms of a bearded heartland football star who runs a goofy podcast with his equally bearded, happily married, easily inebriated older brother … I mean, this is a Hallmark Christmas movie! This is an allegory of conservative Americana! This is itself a right-wing meme!

It just becomes another reason not to take the modern Republican Party seriously. The abnormality of the moment and its inevitable self-destruction cannot be ignored:

There are two key reasons for this self-defeating weirdness, both of them downstream from Trump’s 2016 victory. The first is the realignment that I’ve discussed a few times before, where the ideological shifts of the Trump era made the right more welcoming to all manner of outsider narratives and fringe beliefs (including previously left-coded ones like vaccine skepticism) while the left became much more dutifully establishmentarian. This realignment made the right more interesting in certain ways, more inclined to see through certain bogus narratives and official pieties — but also more inclined to try to see through absolutely everything, which as C.S. Lewis observed is the same thing as not really seeing anything at all.

The second reason for the right’s abnormality problem is that even normal people in the Republican coalition overlearned the lesson of Trump’s election. Having made the safe and moderate choices in 2008 and 2012 and watched both John McCain and Mitt Romney go down in defeat, Republicans made a wild-seeming choice with Trump and saw him win the most improbable of victories. And there was a reasonable political lesson in that experience, which is that sometimes a dose of destabilization can open a path to new constituencies, new maps, new paths to victory.

But the dose is everything, and trying to be abnormal forever because it worked for you once is self-defeating in the extreme. The goal of destabilization, after all, is to eventually create a new stability, in which your party and vision and coalition are understood by most Americans to be a safe and normal place to belong. That is what the Trump-era right has conspicuously failed to achieve. And it won’t get there so long as it sees even cultural developments it should welcome, romances that it should be rooting for, and shakes its head and says, “It must be a liberal op.”


19 Responses to “Far Right’s Latest Conspiracy Theories Are Utterly Ridiculous”

  1. Hello.

    Dana (8e902f)

  2. Let’s not forget Trump’s ongoing animus against the NFL, because the league wasn’t on board with this fraudster owning the Buffalo Bills, and the league is the better for it.

    As for Ms. Swift, I think it’s endearing that she would hang out with her boyfriend’s family at games, and rooting for his team to win.

    Paul Montagu (d4d407)

  3. Yeah, this is absolutely insipid.

    Taylor Swift is an amazing artist and simply caught fire, justifiably so.

    So what if she tells her fans to vote Democrats.

    Good for her, if she feels so strongly about it…as that is freedom of speech in a nutshell.

    It’s not like she’s sending money to superPACs to elect progessive AGs with a mandate to go soft on crime or the likes, like George Soros.

    Frankly, the right would have a somewhat ally with Swift as she was a literal victim of some shady shenanigans by the Soros family who bought her original catalogues. But she’s getting the last word as she’s re-releasing “Taylor’s version” of those same albums.

    whembly (5f7596)

  4. Let’s recap right wing conspiracy theories which got thoroughly debunked (/sarc):

    – Covid came from a lab
    – the laptop was Hunter’s, not Putin’s
    – Trump was targeted by the FBI, and FISA was abused
    – the Steele Dossier was a Clinton ruse

    I have no opinion on the Swift theory, but calling it a right wing conspiracy is attaching credibility to it that isn’t yet warranted.

    lloyd (8bf297)

  5. I think the greater conspiracy is how Jesse Waters and Jack Posobiec have national voices

    AJ_Liberty (5f05c3)

  6. Liz’s response probably isn’t helping the Trump Torso*.

    Taylor Swift is a national treasure.

    * Let’s face it, there’s so much support for Trump in the GOP that you can’t call it a tiny thing like the Trump Wing, it’s a torso, a brainless torso.

    Paul Montagu (d4d407)

  7. I’ve not been following this as it would make me stupider. What a noxious cesspool.

    Kevin M (ed969f)

  8. Taylor Swift ought to buy up Trump’s debt and foreclose.

    Kevin M (ed969f)

  9. Let’s face it, there’s so much support for Trump in the GOP that you can’t call it a tiny thing like the Trump Wing, it’s a torso, a brainless torso.

    Extending from mouth to assh0le.

    Kevin M (ed969f)

  10. Similarly utterly ridiculous is Marge’s mispronunciation of “indictable”, which is akin to Trump mispronouncing Yosemite as Yose-mite, or Debbie Wasserman Schultz mispronouncing misled as myzuld.

    Paul Montagu (d4d407)

  11. What do you mean “utterly ridiculous”, Dana. This story here is a bombshell! Ms. Swift has been unmasked!

    Taylor Swift murdered a young fan in a Satanic blood sacrifice ritual, according to production staff from Swift’s concert movie who allege the pop superstar was also forced by music industry Illuminati to drink the young boy’s blood.

    It has long been claimed Hollywood stars and entertainment industry celebrities need to join the Illuminati to make it to the top of the industry, but few people outside of the Illuminati inner-circle truly understand what this means.

    Before we dive in, subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, and join the People’s Voice Locals community to support the channel and gain access to exclusive and uncensored content.

    While the world argues about whether Taylor Swift is psy-op being prepared to swing the election for Joe Biden in November, it’s worth remember she is not new to this game.

    Back in 2009, Swift was initiated into the entertainment industry Illuminati as part of a televised occult mega-ritual known as the VMAs.

    After she endured her ritualistic public “humiliation” at the hands of Kanye West during an acceptance speech, Swift re-emerged, dressed in red, as a new and consecrated artist.

    But her public humiliation was not enough. She also had to undergo a blood sacrifice ritual to sell her soul to the elite.

    According to production staff, it was at this time that Swift took the life of one of her young fans at an industry party, in a private room, surrounded by middle-aged industry executives who witnessed the act and later defiled the body after inviting Taylor to drink the boy’s blood.

    This is when Swift’s work began to be tainted with the codes and symbolism of the occult elite.

    Eight years later, at the 2017 VMAs, Taylor Swift premiered her new video Look What You Made Me Do. The message of the video could not be clearer: Taylor had matured into a full-fledged industry slave.

    In one scene, Taylor is crowned a “high priestess” of the industry. How? By recreating the High Priestess tarot card.

    Madonna was considered a High Priestess of the industry. It appears that Taylor Swift has now achieved this status as well.

    To those “in the know”, this music video can be read as an MK Ultra-Symbolism 101 course

    Those who rule the entertainment industry need to have this Monarch culture constantly at the forefront of popular culture.

    If you’ve never heard of Monarch programming, a branch of the illegal CIA project MKULTRA, be sure to read this article.

    The main goal of Monarch is to program slaves to have multiple personas that can be triggered at will. Beta Programming (also known as Sex Kitten programming) is used to create sex slaves to be trafficked in the shady elite underworld while brainwashing vulnerable members of society into selling their own souls to the dark prince.

    Newsflash: The entertainment industry is full of Beta Kittens. And the elite brags about this in mass media using the likes of Taylor Swift whose music, videos, and live performances are laden far too many blatant occult references to mention in one video.

    The end of the video depicts the death of the “old Taylor” and the birth of yet another mind-controlled persona.

    MKULTRA? Illuminati? Beta Kittens? Who knew!

    Paul Montagu (d4d407)

  12. I strongly suspect that a family member has Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD). It should be no surprise that this family member is more invested in Trump and MAGA than any politician or political movement ever.

    Conspiracy theories are catnip to people with PPD.

    norcal (0df17b)

  13. Before we dive in, subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, and join the People’s Voice Locals community to support the channel and gain access to exclusive and uncensored content.

    Paul Montagu (d4d407) — 2/1/2024 @ 1:36 pm

    Grift alert!

    norcal (0df17b)

  14. Taylor Swift endorsed Joe Biden in 2020, so this may account for this – an attempt to neutralize a possible endorsement that might get more attention this time. (ratings for NFL football involving the Kansas City Chiefs have really risen)

    But as the Wall Street Journal says, what does this say about the Trump people’s confidence in Trump’s victory?

    …The background is that Ms. Swift has been dating Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, who are going to the Super Bowl after an upset win this past Sunday. The 34-year-old singer endorsed President Biden in 2020, and news reports say the White House hopes she’ll do the same this year. Connect the dots, sheeple…

    …One internet pundit has posted a video, with hundreds of thousands of views, claiming that Ms. Swift’s relationship with Mr. Kelce is a fake “psyop.” This yarn involves the CIA, because of course, as well as George Soros, because of course. The story is that the Super Bowl on Feb. 11 will be rigged so that the Chiefs win in a dramatic fashion. Ms. Swift and Mr. Kelce will get engaged. That way they’ll be at peak influence to cut a joint October ad for Mr. Biden.

    This is either lunacy or it’s theater. Our guess is the latter….

    ….Maybe the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl, or maybe not. Maybe Ms. Swift and Mr. Kelce will live happily ever after, in a world-historical setback for the art form of breakup songs, or maybe not. Maybe she will endorse Mr. Biden again, or maybe not. But the CIA isn’t orchestrating it all, and neither are the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Elvis, JFK, Bigfoot, Opus Dei, or alien lizard people living among us.

    A question, though, for the trolls: If they believe defeating Mr. Trump is so easy that Mr. Biden can do it merely by getting an endorsement from a singer who backed him in 2020, doesn’t that suggest the GOP might be making a mistake by nominating such a weak candidate?

    Sammy Finkelman (1d215a)

  15. When social discourse is unreliable, I turn to science.

    lurker (cd7cd4)

  16. lloyd (8bf297) — 2/1/2024 @ 12:12 pm 4.

    Let’s recap right wing conspiracy theories which got thoroughly debunked (/sarc):

    There do exists (false conspiracy theories related too that)

    – Covid came from a lab

    There’sa conspiracy theory that it was released on purpose

    – the laptop was Hunter’s, not Putin’s

    There is a conspiracy theory that Hunter was giving half his salary to Joe Biden and that he was supporting his family for 30 years (based on a misinterpretation of something Hunter wrote) Also that Hunter was chosen as Joe’s bagman. And they somehow ignore that that the Chinese company where Hunter outlined a deal where he said 10% would be held for Joe – that company was destroyed and the principle disappeared into the Chinese Gulag..

    We get a lot of half truths. On the other hand Joe Biden lied about a lot of things. Including Hunter not knowing, even on paper, who was purchasing his paintings.

    Mwanwhile we have former FBI agents signing some nonsense about Biden and terrorism just like others signed something about the laptop.

    – Trump was targeted by the FBI, and FISA was abused

    While FISA was indeed abused – and not just here – Trump was NOT targeted. the FBI, under Comey, carefully avoided spying on anyone connected with the Trump campaign at the time they were spied upon

    – the Steele Dossier was a Clinton ruse

    Its circulation promoted by the Clinton campaign, but the contents were a Putin ruse – to “explain” to Christopher Steele, whom Russian intelligence did not know was working for the Clinton campaign but probably thought he was working either for MI6 or British Conservatives, why Putin wanted wanted Trump to win. (Putin supposedly had “compromat” on Trump or Trump had been working with the Russian government for a long time)

    Putin’s real reasons (which he didn’t want Steele to suspect, and he also wanted Steele and MI6 to believe in his old sources – to believe that the Russian government leaked like a sieve) were probably either that he thought Hillary was against him because he thought Victoria Nuland was one of her women and/or that he hoped to plant spies or agents of influence in a future Trump Administration like, say Mike Flynn or Paul Manafort (who refused to be a spy because he didn’t want to take a pay cut, but trued t encourage Putin to continue backing Trump by giving the Russians private polls.)

    Believing Steele had a connection only to the UK but not to American Democrats they could slander Trump without interfering with anything else they were doing while hopefully dividing the UK and USA if Trump was

    It’s elementary.

    Sammy Finkelman (1d215a)


    While talking about Taylor Swift, leftists are fire-bombing conservative offices.

    NJRob (85912b)

  18. While talking about Taylor Swift, leftists are fire-bombing conservative offices

    Ha, Ha, Ha. So the conspiracy theory (lie) is countered by a lie.

    Colonel Klink (ret) (96f56a)

  19. Trump’s lawsuit against Cristopher Steele’s company has been tossed out in the UK because he filed it after the statute of limitations (which was 6 years)

    Sammy Finkelman (1d215a)

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