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Nonbinary Attendees with Masculine Traits Spark Controversy at Feminist Job Fair

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[guest post by JVW]

I love this story:

A significant number of men misrepresented their gender identities to attend last week’s Grace Hopper Celebration, an annual convention and career fair intended for “women and non-binary technologists.”

“We are committed to providing a celebratory space for women and non-binary technologists and we hear your concerns around male participation,” the non-profit organization AnitaB, which organizes the convention, wrote on social media. “This year at GHC, we have seen an increase in participation of self-identifying males.”

According to the AnitaB organization, there were 30,000 attendees and over 400 speakers at the 2023 convention. The career fair portion allows attendees to connect with the event’s sponsors and patrons, including high-profile corporations like Apple, Amazon, Capital One, Deloitte, Disney, Goldman Sachs, Meta, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Tesla.

“Yesterday, it became clear that there are a far greater number of cisgender men participating than we anticipated,” said Cullen White, the chief impact officer at the AnitaB. “Simply put, some of you lied on your gender identity to register.”

Right off the bat I object to these attendees being mislabeled as “men.” How dare Cullen White assume somebody’s gender just by their size, or their facial hair, or the way the dress, or any other of dozens of characteristics generally associated with — ahem, ahem — “cisgender” males? Have you ever heard of anything so bigoted in your life? We have been told that if someone says that they are non-binary then, by heavens, we are morally obligated to accept them as non-binary, even if their gender is “fluid” and subject to change from day to day. (But criminey, fellas, couldn’t you at least have thrown on some nail polish or maybe carried a purse? Put at least a bit of damn effort into the subterfuge.)

Naturally, there are the highly implausible claims that the male — sorry, non-binary — attendees “trampled” attendees who identify as women and reserved interview slots and then tried to sell them (which to me is capitalism at it’s finest, but whatever), though some heroic men are pushing back by hoisting the trans-rights crew on their own petards.

It’s just funny to me to read all of the negative comments about the event coming from “cisgender” women and people who identify as women which are in essence saying, “Screw inclusivity, this event should only be for the gals, and we’ll be the ones who decide who qualifies as a gal.” The organizer of the event, AnitaB, strikes me as the typical feminist advocacy organization which couldn’t resist the soothing song of the transgender sirens and have thus steered the ship of their little nonprofit grifting outfit way too close to the woke shoals, causing it to crash into the rocks of intersectionality absurdity (ok, I’ve taken this metaphor as far as it can go). This was the perfect way for the organization’s final conference held in Orlando to end, since in light of Florida’s “constant affront to human dignity” they plan to reconvene next year in Philadelphia, where there’s a fair chance that at least one of them might be murdered if they stray beyond the conference hotel.

Meanwhile, kudos to those temporarily non-binary heroes who challenged AnitaB and all of the conference attendees to confront the contradictions in their own dopey ideology.


11 Responses to “Nonbinary Attendees with Masculine Traits Spark Controversy at Feminist Job Fair”

  1. Time to hold a men-only job fair.

    Kevin M (ed969f)

  2. A small minority have certainly made life confusing for the vast majority. It’s exhausting.

    Dana (932d71)

  3. I mean, the hate here is because someone crashed their discriminatory event. Why it’s OK to ban men from a hiring hall is something I find mystifying.

    Kevin M (ed969f)

  4. Poor MAGA! As hard as they try, they will never be as deranged as these “technologists”. And to think that they run the internet.

    But how can any rational person explain to them the irrationality of conflating women and “non-binary”? Even if one had the skill and strength of heart to attempt it, he would still be missing the most essential component. A receptive audience.

    nk (8603ae)

  5. It is only mystifying if you cannot understand that creating a 1 to 1 slope is actually “levelling the playing field” to someone who has never known that most playing fields have a bit of a crown because, well, they play better in all weather, all conditions that way.

    I’m guessing the real argument started in the restroom. I wonder if any of the women have ever climbed up into the trough in the mens room at a boxing match

    steveg (4d17be)

  6. “A properly designed football field does not lie perfectly flat. Its middle portion is slightly raised to promote runoff of excess water. Without it, the field can become muddy & uncomfortable.
    Some flat-Earthers conducted the perspective convergence ‘experiment’. They put a camera on the surface of a football field, and record a person walking away across the field. The person started to disappear from his feet first. Because they felt the football field is flat, they took the wrong conclusion that the person disappeared due to ‘perspective’. They were wrong. The field is, in fact, not perfectly flat.”,the%20perspective%20convergence%20'experiment‘.

    steveg (4d17be)

  7. The argument against former males competing in women’s sports is the unfair advantage in physical development given them by testosterone in their prior existence. What would be the argument for techies?

    nk (dfc3b9)

  8. Semi off topic, but I’d love to see Riley Gaines find a successor for her movement, so she could become a WWE Diva has a good look for it

    urbanleftbehind (6b2169)

  9. Things were so much simpler in 1840 when the essential value of the worker was his capacity for productive labor.

    Now, they also have to color-coordinate with the carpet and furniture, fit the bathroom facilities, and present the politically and socially correct public image for the marketing department.

    nk (e4e01d)

  10. Welp, I guess we’d better restrict the liberties of trans and nonbinary people so that predatory cisgender men won’t take undue advantage. Removing freedoms is always the best way to respond to the possibility of bad actors.

    Tom (eb3ae7)

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