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Constitutional Vanguard: Is ChatGPT Woke?

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I decided to find out, and wrote about it here. I learned something other things about ChatGPT along the way. Like, it knows who I am! Um, sort of.

In other ChatGPT fails, the musician Nick Cave has decried ChatGPT’s attempt to replicate his style as “bullshit.” At Slate, Charles Seife claims that he asked ChatGPT to write his obituary and found it riddled with errors. That piece motivated me to ask ChatGPT if it knew about Patterico. I was gratified to learn that it had heard of me:

Patterico is a pseudonym used by an American blogger, attorney and former prosecutor who writes about legal issues, politics, and technology. He is known for his criticism of the mainstream media, and for his coverage of legal and political issues, including the intersection of technology and the law. He is also known for his criticism of certain political figures and some of the events that took place in the United States during the last years.

“Former” prosecutor? Does ChatGPT know something I don’t?

Turns out it’s the opposite: I know a few things ChatGPT doesn’t know. (I am left-handed.) Its knowledge of me was pretty limited, as illustrated by the fact that when I asked it whether Patterico likes Donald Trump, it replied: “I don’t have enough information to answer that question with certainty.” LOL! And when I asked it to write my obituary, it refused, telling me “I apologize, but I don’t have any information that Patterico has passed away.” Thank goodness!

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