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Constitutional Vanguard: Chat With Me

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I just sent out an email for people to participate in a chat with me. I think it has to be on the iPhone and on the Substack App. Still figuring it all out. Instructions here.

14 Responses to “Constitutional Vanguard: Chat With Me”

  1. It doesn’t work on Android. But they are working on it.

    DRJ (4653e0)

  2. You know we used to do these chats here and that was fun. I’m in one of those moods right now.

    Patterico (971c53)

  3. Yeah, sorry about the Android thing. You’re not the only one hindered by that . . .

    Patterico (971c53)

  4. I was ready to chat but I will do it when it works with Android. I know people love iPhones but I won’t buy an iPhone to chat.

    DRJ (4653e0)

  5. I only have a flip phone, myself. Too bad, Patterico. I consider you my Muse. My comments are better (well, I like them better) when you’re part of the conversation.

    nk (55dbca)

  6. DRJ, it will work on an IPAD
    I think…

    EPWJ (650a62)

  7. Alas, my hearing is one of those things that time has taken away from me. Phones are not friendly to me, and I am too proud and stubborn to use a hearing aid. I likely would have refused the use of an ear horn when that was the only option.

    Besides, I’m a day late and a dollar…

    Speaking of conversation, I was very disappointed in DCSCA’s overall response to Patterico’s attempts to engage him – what a squandered rare opportunity. You, Patterico, deserve so much better.

    felipe (484255)

  8. Oh, of course you meant text on the phone! Well, if I could have used my home monitor I could have participated. I’ve got to use my noggin’.

    felipe (484255)

  9. Hi felipe #7,

    He has rejected multiple efforts to get him to actually engage on this issue. There are underlying assumptions in his stance that he simply refuses to talk about or tie to his general thesis.

    It’s frustrating. I know. I’ve tried. He sounds like he’s thought about this stuff.

    I’ve even tried putting words in his mouth to get him to correct the record. Nope. he either doesn’t know the answers (possible) or figures they will make him look bad (also possible).

    Appalled (9c0912)

  10. I think he repeats what he learned from his parents so he can’t flesh it out.

    DRJ (4653e0)

  11. I hope the Chat went well so it will happen again. Chats are fun with the people here.

    DRJ (4653e0)

  12. Heh! Re DCSCA: I never understood why Clifton Webb wanted to kill Gene Tierney even after hearing him “explain” it to Dana Andrews. (That’s the 1944 movie “Laura”.)

    (And I sincerely feel that I am paying him a very generous compliment with the comparison.)

    nk (f4e10f)

  13. I hope that I can get this system to work. It would be nice to hear from people in real time.

    Simon Jester (c8876d)

  14. @10. ROFLMAOPIP. They’re dead; Mom was a Goldwater Girl; Dad, big oil. But grandpop was worse: a banker! Bastions of conservagtive thought. Me: liberal media- and the worst kind: Hollywood and CBS! LOL 😉

    DCSCA (5bf377)

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