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Allahpundit’s First Dispatch Post

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Today I became a lifetime member of The Dispatch in celebration of their hiring of my favorite blogger: The Blogger Formerly Known As Allahpundit. (His real name is available at the post I am about to link; I have known it since I met him in New York some 15 years ago; now you can know it too.) His first Dispatch post is up, and you can read it here.

It’s more of a mission statement than a comment on any recent news, and it is reminiscent of the last post he wrote at Hot Air. It’s more of an introduction to people who don’t know him — but if you do know him and his writing, the tone and the conviction are a cool drink of water for those of us under the Heat Dome:

If you value commentary to the extent it satisfies your partisan bloodlust, if you believe left-wing authoritarianism can only be fought with right-wing authoritarianism, if your first impulse upon encountering political criticism is to issue a threat, you’re in the wrong place. Although, good news: There are many, many sites in this great big country of ours that cater to someone like you.

But if you want a better conservative media and a better politics, if you think the right has slid far too far toward banana Republicanism, if you’re willing to entertain thoughtful opinions with which you’ll sometimes disagree, please join us as a paid member and help us offer an alternative. The only way to get the Republican Party and its enablers off the track that they’re on is by proving that a different model can succeed. This country needs more principled writers—and principled readers.

If you’re not a member of The Dispatch, now’s a great time to join. If you are, but you don’t know Allahpundit, er, Nick, then a) what the hell is wrong with you? and b) you’re in for a treat. If you’re already a member, consider ponying up for the lifetime commitment, as I did today. There’s never been a better time to do so.

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