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Allahpundit to Leave Hot Air September 2

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Patterico to end his subscription to Hot Air September 3.

I don’t mean to denigrate my friends Ed Morrissey and John Sexton by saying this. But they know (because I tell everyone) that Allahpundit is and always has been my favorite writer on the Web. I’ll still check in at Hot Air, but I don’t spend much on Internet subscriptions and I have to save my money for wherever Allahpundit is going next.

This world does not always reward stand-up people with external benefits like fame or money. More often than not, it rewards bad people with such things, while repaying goodness with challenges and difficulties. Stand-up people don’t really care about such external prizes. If they did value such things highly, they could probably obtain them; they know how to sell out, because they have watched people do that their entire lives. The fact that they don’t sell out shows they value what really matters in life: trying to walk the path that we all know, in our hearts, we should walk.

There are precious few stand-up people like that. We need to value the ones we have, and Allahpundit is one of them. I wish external success for him — but more important, my wish for him is that he will continue to be the strong, funny, principled man of character he has always been. That’s the finest blessing I can imagine bestowing on him.

23 Responses to “Allahpundit to Leave Hot Air September 2”

  1. I’ve not been a regular reader of Allahpundit, but I took your advice and looked into his piece today. And he’s spot on about the future of abortion laws. If a Trump+15 state votes to protect abortion in a landslide it means that all those no-exceptions absolute bans are non-viable. The positions that people may have taken in the abstract, when Roe was a hard rule, don’t seem to hold up very well now that real people are affected by these choices.

    I expect a lot more 12 to 15 week limits on elective abortions, with exceptions for medically necessary ones later in the term. It will be interesting to see where the dust settles, but it won’t be at zero. This probably won’t play at the federal level this year, but it may result in some state legislative surprises.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  2. As far as Kansas is concerned, I expect some middle-of-the-road law to be passed, and for the courts to reconsider their laughable penumbrae.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  3. AllahPoundit is out at HotAir for the simple reason no one reads his dopey pontifications since HA a few weeks ago went to requiring a subscription in order to comment. The only reason he got clicks was readers then ripped his interminable idiocies in the comments. Can’t comment, why click? No clicks, no readers. No readers? Bye, bye, AllahaDoofus.

    JPG (b67c80)

  4. JPG,

    AP’s a New Yorker

    He and Trump have history looong before Trump ran for office

    AP for 2 decades was the best conservative blogger a brilliant funny guy

    His essay on the fifth anniversary of 9-11 alone was some of the best writing I have ever seen, he is a deep and caring person

    Patterico, if you stick around writes long deep essays – many should earn a Pulitzer, even if you disagree with him

    Pattericos pretty forgiving, he’s hit me 17 times with the ban hammer in 15 years, other than the occasional double vision and my right foot twitching, I’m no worse for wear.

    Just avoid all things – he who should not be president and you’ll be fine

    EPWJ (98e917)

  5. I canceled my subscription when they banned me. Add Hotair to RedState, Powerline, Instapundit, LGF and dKos.
    I hope Allah lands in a better place, maybe The Dispatch.

    Paul Montagu (062b7e)

  6. Paul

    Banned from Hotair? how? Powerline and Instapundit, Red state are excellent. Granted Red state was abit heavy handed back in the day but they like the Federalist are the most red blog by conservative leaders.

    EPWJ (98e917)

  7. Banned from Hotair? how?

    For speaking my mind, like I do here.

    Paul Montagu (062b7e)

  8. Paul,

    Unless you are committing a crime, or threatening someone – its about impossible to get banned at Hotair

    EPWJ (98e917)

  9. He’s an atheist and social leftist that has bashed conservatives for years and that includes the pre-Trump years. He will fit better in at the Bulwark or Salon.

    NJRob (eb56c3)

  10. I agree with everything Patterico wrote, and I am definitely not a social leftist or an atheist.

    DRJ (149e75)

  11. I haven’t agreed with Allahpundit on many things for a long time, and even stopped reading him about 2015 or so. This is about the time that IMO everyone lost their minds.

    However, everything you say about his writing ability is an opinion I shared and probably still do although I have no way of knowing except him being right that the GOP, which should be on track for massive gains everywhere, not being quite clued into the fact that Dobbs will undermine and even cancel any hoped for gains.

    SarahW (08f5d7)

  12. AllahPoundit is out at HotAir for the simple reason no one reads his dopey pontifications since HA a few weeks ago went to requiring a subscription in order to comment. The only reason he got clicks was readers then ripped his interminable idiocies in the comments. Can’t comment, why click? No clicks, no readers. No readers? Bye, bye, AllahaDoofus.

    Piss off

    Patterico (a24d11)

  13. @12: And all these people vote.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  14. Powerline and Instapundit, Red state are excellent.

    Instapundit has become a racist incel pro-insurrection sewer.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  15. Even when I disagreed with Allahpundit (which was/is often) I almost always enjoy the writing and always am moved to consider the point of view.
    Would I subscribe? No, but I only have one internet subscription and that is enough

    steveg (dcea5f)

  16. Kevin

    There’s always morons in every thread, on most blogs. The fact that you are unwelcome on almost all conservative blogs really doesn’t surprise me

    EPWJ (98e917)

  17. SarahW (08f5d7) — 8/4/2022 @ 10:01 am

    What was it that caused you to stop reading him?

    norcal (da5491)

  18. The best writing about Allahpundit is by Ace over at Ace of Spades.

    Dantes (f65b90)

  19. No longer any reason for me to even read Hotair after Sept. 2.

    Doris Ann Shaner (87033a)

  20. Allahpundit has also been my favorite writer on the web for many, many years. My online routine always starts and ends with going to HotAir and picking out his 7 articles per day to binge on them.

    While I am happy to read John Sexton’s work, the rest of HotAir has an “anti-anti-Trump” slant that I find distasteful. Now that Allahpundit is leaving, I can’t see any need to visit there for any more schlock from Ed Morrissey about how Liz Cheney is a terrible person, or from Karen Townshend and Jazz Shaw about “the latest NeverTrumper to lose their mind”.

    Do you have any inside clues on why he is leaving? Did he get tired of the anti-anti-Trump writings of the other contributors, or was he forced out?

    Do you and/or Dana know yet where he is going? His “last article” didn’t say anything about what he was doing next. I can’t fathom that he will just “disappear”, but I can imagine a sabbatical(?) Would love to add his new home to my daily reading list.


    B.W. Smith (e771a4)

  21. Here is his farewell column.

    I really like Allahpundit. Please let us know if he writes somewhere else.

    DRJ (019b11)

  22. He is going to The Dispatch .

    DRJ (019b11)

  23. “Never forget, it’s not the 30 percent of Trump worshipers within the party who brought the GOP to what it is. It’s the next 50 percent, the look-what-the-libs-made-me-do zombie partisans, who could have said no but didn’t.”

    Allahpundit 9/2/2022

    DRJ (019b11)

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