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Constitutional Vanguard: Redefining Morality

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What happened to you?

That is the question people who support Donald Trump like to ask of those of us who don’t.

But it’s the wrong question, as I explain in the latest newsletter:

The funny thing is: the very people who ask “what happened to you” seem not to realize that nothing happened to us . . . but that a very significant question remains:

What happened to them?

Because these people, who often (like the guy above) deny being Trump fans, are very obviously Trump fans. Or, if they are not, then they are the sort of non-Trump fans who never criticize Trump with vigor, always find a “whatabout” whenever Trump’s failings are discussed, and inevitably save their nastiest commentary for anyone who is a real Trump critic.

These people all voted for Trump, and will again. Nothing Trump has ever done really bothers them all that much. His immorality merits nothing more than a shrug. Were these people always this morally callous and disinterested?

What happened to them?

I suspect the answer is: nothing. This is how they always were. It just took Donald Trump to bring their true character into focus.

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P.S. I’m still working on the case law about the Independent State Legislature Doctrine. It’s interesting but kind of daunting.

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