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The Best Evidence that the Dobbs Leaker Is Worried

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I say “evidence” but what I actually have is speculation — hey, if you wanted truth in headlines you wouldn’t be on the Internet! But it’s educated speculation, by which I mean I think it’s right.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how no progress is happening on the Supreme Court leak. The AP can’t even get the Court to confirm that the investigation is ongoing. But now we have this:

Well of course Roberts lobbied for his position. But the main thrust of this report — that the leak may have solidified the votes of the newer conservative justices — is totally unevidenced. It comes down to “Brett Kavanaugh is a nice guy and always says he will hear you out.” Here’s what I think: the effort to portray the leak as a strategic leak by a conservative, which I believe it is not, may indicate an effort at misdirecton from the lefty leaker.

I have as much evidence for my view as Biskupic has for hers. But I have the advantage of believing that I am right.

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