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Big Media’s Motto: Anonymity for Our Friends, Unmasking for our Enemies

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CJR has a piece on the NYT Pitchbot guy from Twitter:

Though his subject matter might suggest otherwise, NYT Pitchbot does not work in media or politics. He is a fifty-two-year-old math professor and father of two who describes himself as a “committed Democrat” of the “slightly hardcore left.” He is anonymous on Twitter, and asked to remain so for this story, citing personal and professional concerns. (CJR contacted him via email and spoke with him on the phone, verifying his association with the Twitter account over direct message. He shared his real identity with CJR, which we verified with two other sources.)

I’m glad they kept him anonymous since he wanted to remain that way. Funny how he gets that courtesy but the LibsofTikTok lady does not.

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