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Let the Speculation Begin: Tucker Carlson…2024???

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[guest post by Dana]

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Here we go:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is raising eyebrows over his future in politics with the news that he will deliver a keynote speech at this year’s Family Leadership Summit in Iowa – a forum that has traditionally been the gathering ground for Republicans with presidential ambitions.

The event, described as a “chance” for conservatives to be “encouraged, inspired, and equipped to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness in America today,” had Donald Trump as a speaker in 2015. Speakers last year included former Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. All three have been floated as potential 2024 Republican candidates.

I don’t know why Carlson wouldn’t consider a possible run for president. His show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” consistently averages 3.2 million viewers on Fox News, and his reporting on the alleged masculinity crisis and promotion of “testicle tanning” doesn’t seem to have cost him any significant number of viewers. Republicans embracing a “testicle tanning” president seems a natural follow-up to embracing four years of a sleazy TV reality show host in the White House and two years of his insane post-presidency circus. Anyway, if he’s going to jump in, he should probably start sooner rather than later, given FiveThirtyEight’s latest Republican primary 2024 polling:


22 Responses to “Let the Speculation Begin: Tucker Carlson…2024???”

  1. Welp.

    Dana (5395f9)

  2. I’ve thought about Carlson as a potential candidate. He seems to understand the national dissatisfaction that gave Trump an opening in 2016. But I’m not on board with his sympathy for Putin.

    Charlie Davis (6775d5)

  3. Trump’s 2016 moment has passed. It’s not enough to be angry, there have to be solutions even if those are crazy ones. I expect the candidates to out-illegal each other. A vow to use the army to remove all illegal aliens would not surprise me.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  4. So no law degree, never elected to a government position, never appointed to an executive branch position, never ran a large organization, no military service, BA in history with no specialized training in economics, political science, foreign affairs, or military affairs, creator of the 1/6 truther special “Patriot Purge”, principle accomplishment is doing news analysis where his own lawyer defended claims of slander by describing Carlson’s commentary as arguably “loose, figurative or hyperbolic,” where he was not stating actual facts. Yeah, what could go wrong?! The base’s testicles will be collectively glowing with pride.

    AJ_Liberty (ec7f74)

  5. @4. The house is on fire but just look at all that crabgrass in the front yard!

    A Chicken In Every Pot; A TV Dinner In Every Freezer.

    DCSCA (f4c5e5)

  6. There is too much tape of him saying stupid things to ever get elected. I mean, when has that ever happened? 😉

    norcal (68b459)

  7. I’m not sure I understand (or want to understand) this “testicle tanning” thing. Is it only the testicles? Or part of a full-body tan? I’ve done the latter, but I cannot imagine the former.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  8. There is too much tape of him saying stupid things to ever get elected. I mean, when has that ever happened?

    If presented with the tape, he’d just deny he said it and accuse the interviewer of being part of the baby-eating pedophile Illuminati conspiracy. Just like Trump did.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  9. Alright, then. Who should the GOP run? Someone who will satisfy everyone from W to MTG.

    Kevin M (eeb9e9)

  10. The GOP can do better, but hardly ever does these days.

    Paul Montagu (5de684)

  11. There is too much tape of him saying stupid things to ever get elected.

    Said Joe to Joe as he pointed to his reflection in a mirror before attempting a hand shake.

    DCSCA (f4c5e5)

  12. Trump’s 2016 moment has passed.

    What goes around comes around: 2024 approaches. If he runs, he wins.

    DCSCA (f4c5e5)

  13. The GOP can do better, but hardly ever does these days.

    ROFLMAOPIP. Hardly: cries of ideological conservatism who jumped ship; the SS Cheney leaks before it sinks…

    Republicans Secure Total Victory in Redistricting for 2022 Mid-Terms

    Republicans have secured total victory in the redistricting battles that promise to play a major role in November’s mid-terms. That marks a major turnaround over the course of the last several months.

    ‘Denial’ is a river in Egypt- and the old ideologues be washed away.

    DCSCA (f4c5e5)

  14. OT- Biden Administration charges $3.7 billion to date to Uncle Sam’s credit card for weapons and aid to Ukraine. At same time, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who so poorly assessed and managed the Afghan debacle 9 months ago, denies Ukraine is a ‘proxy war.’

    Except it is. Idiot.

    Fire him. Now.

    DCSCA (f4c5e5)

  15. Good government establishment corporate liberalism bites new york democrats again! NY supreme court rules democrats attempt to gerrymander congressional districts in democrats favor to retaliate for republican gerrymandering in states they control is prohibited in NY. Not good news for jerry nailer and carolyn maloney in their primary fights with progressives.

    asset (c4077d)

  16. @9 GOP does not have to satisfy w or the never trumpers. Jebbie and the other 15 dwarfs did squat in 2016. For the umpteenth time the republican party is now dominated by former white trash democrats who along with the tea party are 85% of the republican party. The establishment corporate republicans and their wealthy economic libertarian milton friedman free trade donor class know they are at best tolerated and at worst along with the conservative intellectual class about to be run out of the republican party by trump and his followers. Their inquisition will begin when they are asked did trump win the 2020 election?

    asset (c4077d)

  17. Let me guess, Dana. You were in the mood for a “Kim Kardashian transitions into a man and marries Caitlyn” story you could write a post about, but you could not find one.

    nk (1d9030)

  18. never watch him
    would never vote for him

    mg (8cbc69)

  19. Let the Speculation Begin: President Pete Buttigieg …2024???

    … and Tucka smiled. 😉

    DCSCA (f4c5e5)

  20. Buttigieg has a black problem in primary voting in the south and kamala harris is not popular among black voters either.. AOC is popular among latinx and progressives. DNC prefers buttigeig ;but the clinton/biden older white women voters need black voters in the south to swing the nomination as they did in 2016/2020 against bernie sanders. AOC running with a black squad member or stacy abrams the DNC will be in big trouble.

    asset (28c732)

  21. Am I crazy, or were his fish sticks pretty good?

    lurker (cd7cd4)

  22. The New York Times ran two very long articles about Tucker Carlson on Sunday and Monday
    No -it was a 3 part series.

    I don;t know what was the third part?

    Do they really think he could run for president?

    Sammy Finkelman (02a146)

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