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Constitutional Vanguard: Meet the Real Vladimir Putin

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As the war in Ukraine rages on, I think it’s important to address the issue of Vladimir Putin’s real character. It’s a topic that far too many people don’t know about. Today’s newsletter concerns some matters I have written about before and some that I haven’t. I re-tell the story of Putin’s bombing of his own civilian population in 1999, supplemented by details I have learned since that make the case even stronger. I also discuss Russia’s use of cyberattacks and how our governments and tech companies make the problem worse. Sample:

I’ll give you the short version first and then a longer one.

The short version is this: remember when a bunch of crazy people said 9/11 was an inside job? That George W. Bush killed his own citizens in a false flag operation that he labeled an act of terror committed by evil outside forces?

Vladimir Putin actually did that in 1999. He had his FSB bomb apartment buildings in Russia, killing hundreds, so he could blame the bombings on Chechen terrorists — all to start a war in Chechnya to boost his approval ratings. Without that false flag operation, he likely never would have been elected to begin with,

Here’s the longer version.

I intend for my next newsletter to publish Wednesday and to address the issue of whether Ketanji Brown Jackson must recuse from the case alleging that Harvard discriminates against Asians in admissions. Look for it! We still have a seven-day trial to sample posts for the paid subscribers. Subscribe here.

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