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Constitutional Vanguard: The Arbery Jury Selection, Part Two: Wait, It’s Supposedly Racist to Challenge *This* Juror?!?!

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The prosecutors in the Arbery murder trial said it was racist for the defense to excuse a juror who had participated in a bike ride for Arbery’s family. Another “racist” challenge was to a juror who had already decided that the defendants were guilty. I explain here. Subscribe here.

Meanwhile, the Rittenhouse case continues. The prosecutor continued to cover himself in glory by pointing the AR-15 at people in the courtroom without having personally checked it to see if it was not loaded (dumb move even if he had checked it), and by belittling the arson, vandalism, and general buffoonery by one of the rioters Rittenhouse shot in a sarcastic tone:

I have not watched this whole trial, but everything I have seen of this prosecutor is bad. He seems incompetent and annoying as hell. I bet the jury hates him.

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