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Ignorant DACA Activists Continue to Create Sympathy for Sinema with Invasive and Disrespectful Stunts

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Yesterday JVW detailed the remarkable lack of curiosity that some parts of Big Media have had about DACA activists following Kyrsten Sinema into the ladies’ room with the video rolling. The harassment continued yesterday on an airplane, where a snotty kid confronted Sinema, in an airplane seat from which Sinema could not escape, as a colleague of the punk kid took video.

Folks like the Angry Face Emoji Guy who embedded the video tried to tell me that the Real Story was Sinema refusing to speak with a respectful constituent. But I see nothing respectful in this approach, given the combination of the camera and the ambush on a plane where a person cannot walk away. Your Mileage May Vary . . . but then, you may also like stopping traffic on bridges and filming in restrooms too. Also, the twit accosting Sinema is not even aware that Sinema can’t realistically do a thing about any of this:

The irony is that they’re badgering her to do something that’s beyond her power to do. The reason a path to citizenship for illegals isn’t in the reconciliation bill isn’t because of Sinema, it’s because the Senate parliamentarian twice ruled that that process can’t be used to pass immigration reform. Even with Sinema in favor, Schumer would either need 60 votes to advance an immigration amnesty through regular legislation or he’d need his caucus to agree to overrule the parliamentarian, a precedent that would swallow the entirety of Senate legislation in short order.

So: you’re not a citizen, you have no idea what the issues really are, and you’re trying to create a viral video while someone is trapped in their plane seat. And you think this is going to help your cause how?

Oh, well. Like our President says about videotaping Senators in the bathroom: it’s all “part of the process.”

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