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Constitutional Vanguard: Here We Go Again: CDC Urges Pregnant “People” to Get Vaccinated

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This one goes out to the paid subscribers only, who are owed some extra content. The missive is prompted by a recent CDC announcement, as the headline suggests. But later in the newsletter I drift a bit more into policy. Here is a taste:

Coleman Hughes discussed many of the relevant issues in the podcast I recommended in my recent ACLU post, and one of the topics I found intriguing is the way that the New Orthodoxy actually seems to pigeonhole people into unyielding sexual stereotypes. In the old orthodoxy, if you were a boy who didn’t really like sports all that much, or if you were a girl who hated wearing dresses but enjoyed hanging out with the guys and rolling around in the dirt, some people might have disapproved of your nonconformity, but many others (like myself) would have recognized that you are one of many, many people who don’t fit the neat gender stereotypes that society tries to impose on us all. And that’s great! A consequence of individualism is that people won’t always adhere to the expected pattern.

But now, it seems, the boy who doesn’t like sports will inevitably be questioned about whether he thinks he is really a girl. A girl who would have been called a “tomboy” in the old days will, in the New Orthodoxy, be bombarded with suggestions that she might secretly feel herself to be a boy.

Whether this is a Good Thing or a Bad Thing is dependent on whether the current explosion in people declaring themselves to be transgender is principally the result of the lifting of a societal taboo on a healthy development (identifying as a different gender or sex) that makes people more well-adjusted, on one hand, or whether it is the result of a sort of social contagion that causes many teens to take irreversible steps like hormone therapy that many later regret, on the other. It seems beyond debate that both phenomena occur. The question is the relative measure of each. I have my own suspicions, but at the very least the jury is still out. And so it’s not necessarily clear whether an insistence on labeling people with the sex they claim to prefer is helpful or harmful.

As always, anyone issuing confident pronouncements regarding the newsletter based on an excerpt is doing something they should not do. Twitter has a button for people who retweet articles they have not read, asking: “Would you like to read the article first?” If I had the technical ability, I would present a button to critics of my excerpts that asks: “Would you like to subscribe and read the whole thing first?”

It’s been a while since I put out free content, which I feel less guilty about, but I have been working on a long piece responding to David French’s Sunday piece for The Dispatch. When that comes out, it will likely be free.

15 Responses to “Constitutional Vanguard: Here We Go Again: CDC Urges Pregnant “People” to Get Vaccinated”

  1. The illusion overtakes and finally conquers the dreamer and he becomes the plaything of his own dream. But I think that’s only partly, if at all, to blame for the medical case referenced in the article.

    The hospital messed up. It failed to do a proper History and Physical Examination. They can claim

    “He was rightly classified as a man” in the medical records and appears masculine, Stroumsa said. “But that classification threw us off from considering his actual medical needs.”

    all they want, but the medical records and her masculine appearance are not, and are not supposed to be, a substitute for a proper H&P. It was straightforward malpractice which transgender advocates have chosen to utilize as transgender victimization.

    Thanks, Lysenko!

    nk (1d9030)

  2. recent CDC announcement, [that pregnant :people” get vaccinated]

    The way they’ve defined men and women, they have to put it that way.

    But disagreeing with those definitions is like telling people their religion is wrong. (only they are still doing that – just different people than before, and the majority.)

    Sammy Finkelman (51cd0c)

  3. Two terrible assumptions: that the principal danger in pregnant women being injected with an untested spike protein producer is whether they’re called ‘people’, and that “identifying as a different gender or sex” is a ‘healthy development that makes people more well-adjusted’.

    Tranziism is a sex fetish. It’s an unhealthy sex fetish. Affirmation of unhealthy sex fetishes does not cause people to stop doing them, but to demand that others do them in harder and harder versions by social obligation.

    It’s kept secret because fetishists have the same parasitic relationship with society that drug addicts or celebrities do: a need for constant contribution, validation, and attention from others that leads to more and more attempts to increase the dose to the exclusion of all social obligations or duties.

    As we’ve seen from the rise of Tumblr and execrable “drag queen story hours,” their first step after gaining default legal and media protection from the natural threat responses of normal parents is to go directly after children and other underdeveloped sexualities to spread their fetish to as many people as possible.

    “social contagion that causes many teens to take irreversible steps like hormone therapy”

    ‘Social contagion’, hell, teenagers with actual relationships with other teenagers never cared, it’s usually either the parents or online Discord moderators focusing on isolated youths who do what’s normally referred to in your circles as ‘grooming’ and ‘extortion’ to force permanent and irreversable changes as early as possible, and often before the teenage years.

    There is no ‘both sides’ to this issue. There is the side of predatory degenerates, and the side of normal people, and no one who ever claimed to be ‘conservative’ should be straddling this line like it’s some hip new thing that requires hip new expert analysis unavailable to people who can read books printed before 2010.

    Draggin Queen (b3f355)

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  5. Pat, I could be wrong, but I don’t think you’ve actually talked with trans people about this, because the assumptions you’re making fly in the face of what every trans person has every told me.

    I’ll pass along what I’ve heard: it’s incredibly uncomfortable to have other people constantly assume you are something you are not.

    I’ll give an analogy that’s helped my understanding.

    I’m not gay, I’ve got nothing against people who are gay, I wouldn’t be upset if my children are gay, but if literally everywhere I went people assumed I was gay (and I have a slightly high voice for a man, so it’s definitely happened), it would feel really uncomfortable. Add to it the different ways I would be treated (guys coming up and buying me drinks, homophobia from some, wrong assumptions by women I was interested in, etc)I would really hate that people were misidentifying my sexuality. I suspect most people can relate to this feeling even if they aren’t the least bit homophobic. It just sucks to have people assume you are something you aren’t. And conversely, it feels good to have people recognize that just because I have a higher voice I’m not necessarily gay.

    No, “tomboys” are not now boys, nor have I ever heard of any pressure that they should be boys or questioning that they might be boys. But it’s at least possible that a small percentage of tomboys are experiencing gender dismorphia and allowing for people to be open to that possibility seems ok.

    Also, no, I didn’t read the full article, so I apologize if I’ve missed the mark.

    Nate (8f526f)

  6. Proclaiming International Pronouns Day in Los Angeles County
    This October 20, 2021 provides an opportunity for the County of Los Angeles to affirm its commitment and unwavering support to transgender and gender non-conforming people by celebrating International Pronouns Day. International Pronouns Day, observed on the third Wednesday of October, started in 2018 as a movement seeking to stop the violence that disproportionately affects the transgender community. The movement asserts that “using the right pronouns is one of the most basic starting points to acknowledging the humanity of transgender and gender nonconforming people. While that may not in and of itself stop the violence, it is an entry point into the conversation.”
    Barf .

    Rip Murdock (36e2c3)

  7. The vaccines have been around for ten months now, and available to women of childbearing age, other than for health care professionals, for less than that. We haven’t even made it through an entire human gestational period but the CDC are telling pregnant women it’s safe to take?

    Thalidomide was available, over the counter, in West Germany in 1957. It wasn’t until 1961 that people were noticing a connection between Thalidomide and birth defects.

    The libertarian, but not Libertarian, Dana (fcc309)

  8. No matter what you think of the mRNA vaccines, the J&J “adenovirus-vector” method has been around for a while and involves no genetic games. It presents the spike protein directly. All of the Franken-vaccine arguments fail here. Get the “safe” one!

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  9. BTW, Thalidomide is available for use in the US today, just not for the same things. The effect it had on pregnancies is actually useful in some cancer cases.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  10. @6: It is one thing to tolerate weird behavior, and even to accept that for some people this behavior seems correct. It is quite another for government to require one to accept said behavior as normal and mandate one to co-sign it.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  11. A conversation I had with some Deaf people a while back started with me using the PC euphimism “hard-of-hearing.” They quickly (and with some passion) explained that the proper term was “Deaf.”

    They were not “hard of hearing”; the Could Not Hear.

    I suspect that the PC bowdlerizing of pronouns and the growing refusal to accept that some basic biology is not optional is a similar thing. Not what most trans people want, but what those who want to use trans people as a club against straight society want. The moral equivalent of a child’s tantrum.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  12. Kevin, I suspect you have also not talked to any trans people on the topic.

    The “PC” views on trans people is pretty in line with what all trans people have told me they want and have largely been driven by trans people.

    nate (1f1d55)

  13. I suspect (but I’m not telling you why) that reaching out to family and peers for affirmation of the sex change is a required part of the “therapy”.

    nk (1d9030)

  14. Quite right. Thalidomide is also used to great effect for the treatment of patients with chronic ENL. It inhibits the selective gene expression of tumor necrosis factor-α involved in the pathogenesis of nerve damage in Hanson’s disease.

    felipe (484255)

  15. Mighty suspicious behavior going on today.

    felipe (484255)

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