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The Disaster in Afghanistan Was Predictable — And It Was Predicted

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Me on June 23:

The Taliban is going to completely retake the country. Everyone will look back on this, as they looked back on Obama’s complete withdrawal from Iraq, and say it was a mistake. “Why didn’t anyone predict this? Why didn’t they tell us?”

I am predicting it.

I told you so.

This wasn’t even a tough prediction. It was the most obvious thing on Earth.

We didn’t have to keep a large presence there. We had sustained zero deaths since February of 2020. Now we are leaving behind people who helped us, to be beheaded at the hands of the medieval monsters of the Taliban.

Trump did the same to our Kurdish allies and he planned to do exactly this, so nothing would have changed if he had been in charge. It’s a horrible shame that Biden couldn’t handle this better than Trump would have.

An utter, disgraceful disaster.

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