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House Minority Leader McCarthy Says ‘No’ To Supporting Commission To Investigate Jan. 6

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[guest post by Dana]

Unsurprisingly. McCarthy’s opposition comes ahead of a House vote on the issue:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., on Tuesday voiced opposition to legislation to create a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

In a lengthy statement a day before the House is set to vote on the measure, McCarthy complained about the negotiations, argued that multiple investigations into the riot already exist and said he wants the panel to also look into other instances of violence.

The legislation is the product of a compromise announced Friday by the top Democrat and Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, Reps. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., and John Katko, R-N.Y., who reached a deal on the guidelines for the panel to model it after the 9/11 Commission.

“Given the political misdirections that have marred this process, given the now duplicative and potentially counterproductive nature of this effort, and given the Speaker’s shortsighted scope that does not examine interrelated forms of political violence in America, I cannot support this legislation,” McCarthy said.

If McCarthy hopes to become Speaker in two years (and Republicans take House majority), it’s probably a good strategy for him to stay in you-know-who’s good graces. Additionally, he doesn’t want to be compelled to testify about the conversation he had with the former president on Jan. 6.

Anyway, as a reminder of how the Trump-loyal Republicans view the insurrection on Jan. 6, look no further than Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia. [Note: While rioters didn’t quite make it onto the House floor, they did make it onto the Senate floor]:

“As one of the members who stayed in the Capitol, and on the House floor, who with other Republican colleagues helped barricade the door until almost 3 p.m. from the mob who tried to enter, I can tell you the House floor was never breached and it was not an insurrection. This is the truth,” Clyde claimed.

“There was an undisciplined mob. There were some rioters, and some who committed acts of vandalism. But let me be clear, there was no insurrection and to call it an insurrection in my opinion, is a bold faced lie. Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol, and walk through Statuary Hall showed people in an orderly fashion staying between the stanchions and ropes taking videos and pictures, you know,” he continued.

“If you didn’t know that TV footage was a video from January the sixth, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit,” Clyde said.


(Via NBC News)


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