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I was gone last week, on our first vacation in a year. We visited Catalina and Yosemite, and spent a good chunk of yesterday driving back, retrieving dogs, and so forth. I missed putting up an Easter post but will probably put one up later, albeit belated. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, I’m back. I don’t have much else right now. Hope everyone is well.

12 Responses to “Hi”

  1. Glad you got time away with the fam. Is Yosemite limiting visitors? In a few weeks, we will be going on our first vacation since the pandemic began. Air B&B host wanted to know if we had received both shots. That was unexpected…

    Dana (fd537d)

  2. #jealous

    Dave (1bb933)

  3. I have very fond memories of visiting Catalina as a kid. My aunt and uncle owned a place over there, and my brother and I would fly over on the seaplane in advance of our parents. Great place for kids, no cars, very safe.

    Rip Murdock (d2a2a8)

  4. Rip Murdock,

    We sailed there when I was a kid. We would anchor somewhere along the island. We spent more time on the boat than on land. I remember it was always very carefree and fun, given that we kids did nothing but jump over the sides of the boat all day long, swim, snorkel, and fib to each other that we had just seen dolphins swim by.

    Dana (fd537d)

  5. Yosemite is a great place to camp. Glad you got the chance.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  6. I miss going to Catalina.

    Back in the day, me and my dad would go “fishing” for abalone off the coast of Catalina before the quota system was implemented.

    whembly (2900b2)

  7. My wife loves Avalon and Twin Harbors and she’s taken me to Catalina twice. It is indeed a great place for kids, and to a Texan, a very beautiful place yet not that expensive.

    Glad Patterico’s having good times with the family.

    Dustin (4237e0)

  8. I’ve been to LA many times, but never to Catalina. Someday.

    norcal (01e272)

  9. Glad you are back and enjoyed your vacation.

    Hoi Polloi (b28058)

  10. Sounds like a nice time. Welcome back.

    Nic (896fdf)

  11. I’ve planned fantasy trips in fine detail, and they’re awesome. I study Google Earth, plot out schedules and walking routes, then run them through my mind over and over. It’s almost as fun as actually going, and a lot cheaper.

    Radegunda (f4d5c0)

  12. It’s nice to take a break.
    I’ve been taking a vacation from politics, getting burned out.
    We went to Yosemite over a spring break a few years back, and it was awesome. Our only regret was that it was too early in the season to travel across the pass to 395.

    Paul Montagu (c9b3fc)

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