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Happy Birthday to My Mom

Filed under: General — Patterico @ 8:57 pm

It is her birthday today. We were going to go on a cruise — my sisters, her, and me — when COVID hit. Guess whether we did or not? (Hint: we did not.)

We have set it up again this year, in October. Hopefully it will work out!

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday to My Mom”

  1. Spend as much time as you can with her; one day you will look back and treasure every little moment.

    DCSCA (f4c5e5)

  2. Happy Birthday (belated, or, if you prefer, 364 days early).

    lurker (59504c)

  3. Prayers over October. Hope she gets to go and enjoyment is the tone of the voyage

    steveg (02d731)

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