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Patterico Podcast, Episode 4: Ask Me Anything

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This one is for paid subscribers only. It’s an “Ask Me Anything” episode, about 16 minutes long, where I took on some questions posed in the comment section to a previous podcast. I hope to answer all questions, so keep them coming. The only way to do so is to subscribe!

3 Responses to “Patterico Podcast, Episode 4: Ask Me Anything”

  1. Hope you enjoy it. It’s pretty intensive on the DRJ questions. Future AMAs may be more balanced. I was on a roll before I realized how long I had gone. But hey, she asked a lot of interesting questions, so she gets a lot of answers.

    Patterico (e349ce)

  2. I learned several new, interesting things about you.

    DRJ (aede82)

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