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About That “Perceived Rift” In The Republican Party…

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[guest post by Dana]

Despite Sen. Rick Scott’s efforts to unite the GOP by brushing away any perceived rift in the Republican Party, the fact remains that there is a very real rift within the Party. Let’s look at three recent indicators that confirm that the Party is beset by internal feuding. These also serve to pinpoint the biggest part of the problem. And his name starts with a T.

First up is Sen. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who keeps it pithy and blunt:

If the Republican Party wants to regain its standing as a viable, unified party that continues to value longheld principles and values, fealty to a past-president embroiled in lawsuits and payback after trying to upturn a legitimate election and foster an attempted insurrection isn’t helping to reach achieve that end. In fact, Greene seems hellbent on provoking fellow-members as much as she can with her continued fealty to Trump, as well as her public support of an individual known for spreading baseless conspiracy theories and calling herself a “proud Islamaphobe”:

Meanwhile, Rep. Fred Upton, who was previously censured for voting to impeach Trump after the Jan. 6 melee, put a fine point on just how wide the divide is as he relates how he was treated by his local House district GOP after voting to remove Greene from the education committee:

Whaaat??? If the Cass County GOP doesn’t consider Greene’s comments “out of line with anyone else’s comments” and are right about that, then that tells you pretty much all you need to know about the group.

And then there’s that ballsy pesk, Rep. Liz I-have-a-backbone-and-am-not-afraid-to-use-it Cheney, who is now being pressured by the House Freedom Caucus to step down from her leadership position because once again, she revealed said backbone:

I know. Pretty horrible, right?? How dare she!

The fallout:

The chair of the conservative House Freedom Caucus is urging Rep. Liz Cheney to step down from her position as the number three House Republican in leadership over her latest critical comments of former President Donald Trump.

“She should step down,” Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona told reporters on Thursday.

And Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, another House Freedom Caucus member, said Cheney has “forfeited her right to be chair of the Republican Caucus.”

Biggs, a major Trump supporter, said Cheney’s Wednesday comments were “outrageous” but “consistent with at least four other statements she’s made in the last few weeks.” And he emphasized that he doesn’t believe “she is able to carry out” her House GOP leadership responsibilities “any further.”

“I also think she is absolutely devoid of any kind of political reading of what’s going on in the party,” he added. “If she any sense of shame, she would step down.”

Roy called Cheney’s latest comments “completely out of step with the Republican conference.”

Did Rep. Chip Roy forgot that he supported Cheney after her impeachment vote last month:

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) also rejected calls for Cheney to step down even though they differed on impeachment. “Liz should be commended, not condemned, for standing up in defense of the Constitution and standing true to her beliefs,” he said.

So, what’s changed for him?

While it’s still unclear how things will shake out in the Party, it’s clear that the rift is more than just perceived. It’s very much alive. Clearly, the Cheneys and Uptons of the Party are parked beside Mitt Romney in that “tiny wing of the Republican party” that he identified yesterday.


Goodbye, Mr. Potato Head

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[guest post by Dana]

Mrs. Potato Head was shocked to learn today that Mr. Potato Head is no longer a mister:

Hasbro, the company that makes the potato-shaped plastic toy, is giving the spud a gender neutral new name: Potato Head. The change will appear on boxes this year.

Toy makers have been updating their classic brands to appeal to kids today. Barbie has shed its blonde image and now comes in multiple skin tones and body shapes. Thomas the Tank Engine added more girl characters. And American Girl is now selling a boy doll.

Hasbro said Mr. Potato Head, which has been around for about 70 years, needed a modern makeover.

Do you know who doesn’t give a whit about Mr. Potato Head “needing a modern makeover”? Every kid who has happily played with a Mr. Potato Head in the past 70 years. Hasbro can do what they want with their product, and if this decision generates more sales, then it will prove to have been a smart marketing decision.

I just hate to see any long-standing relationship come to an end. Certainly it’s got to be hard on Mrs. Potato Head to learn that her husband is no longer quite the spud he used to be:

potato head


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