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“Are You Out of Your [Expletive Deleted]ing Mind?”

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Amusing story in Axios this morning about the wildest election fraud meeting at the White House:

The Powell team needed to regroup. They shifted to a new grievance to turn the conversation away from their embarrassing errors. Powell insisted that they hadn’t “lost” the 60-odd court cases, since the cases were mostly dismissed for lack of standing and they had never had the chance to present their evidence.

Every judge is corrupt, she claimed. We can’t rely on them. The White House lawyers couldn’t believe what they were hearing. “That’s your argument?” a stunned Herschmann said. “Even the judges we appointed? Are you out of your fucking mind?”

Also, if you haven’t read it yet, spend some time with the recent long New York Times history of Trump’s attempts to steal the election. I didn’t agree with some parts, but it’s comprehensive and makes some news; namely, that Trump’s own lawyers drafted that ridiculous Paxton lawsuit and shopped it around until they could find someone desperate enough to bring it.

Once it was brought, of course, most of these same sheep signed onto it. Baaaaaa!

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