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Los Angeles County Supervisors Once Again Adept at Being Generous With Someone Else’s Money

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When gross pandering meets fiscal irresponsibility:

Grocery and retail drugstore employees who work in unincorporated Los Angeles County could see a pay bump of $5 an hour if the county Board of Supervisors approves a “hero pay” ordinance later this month.

The measure was quickly opposed by grocery industry leaders, who said it could require stores to raise prices at a time when their customers are struggling to make ends meet.

At the L.A. County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, Supervisors Hilda Solis and Holly Mitchell put forth the motion that would mandate the pay bump for publicly traded grocery store or retail drug companies, or companies that have at least 300 employees nationwide and have more than 10 employees per store site. If approved by the board, the ordinance would remain in effect for 120 days.

“While there is a light at the end of the tunnel, with the approval and administration of the vaccine, the health threats these workers face are as real as they were at the beginning of the pandemic given the surge of cases in our county,” said board chair Solis in a statement. “It is imperative that we act with urgency to support just compensation for grocery and drug retail employees.”

Note that this applies to unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County, presumably because incorporated cities are not under the thumb of our hypocritical and overcompensated supervisors. But unincorporated areas include a whole lot of low-income communities within the Los Angeles Basin, which if they have grocery stores and pharmacies probably aren’t so flush with cash that the extra $200 per week per worker is particularly affordable. The supervisors adopt the progressive argument that these stores are part of large chains which are reportedly doing very well business-wise during the pandemic, and that while providing modest pay raises and one-off bonuses during the spring and summer, on balance they haven’t done nearly enough for their workers. So it’s pretty easy for the supes to freely spend the corporations’ money, and you can be sure they will react with puzzled outrage when the corporations respond by closing up stores in those areas thus creating the so-called “food deserts” that plague lower income neighborhoods across America. For what it’s worth, the left-wing city councils of Los Angeles and Long Beach are considering imposing similar wage edicts for their chain supermarkets and pharmacies.

If the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors were really interested in rewarding those who heroically stayed on the job and served the public, they could pay out higher wages and bonuses to the drivers of Los Angeles County Metro Transit Authority buses and trains, who after all are actually employed by the county. But of course to do that the supervisors would have to dip into their own bloated budget to find the funding for this windfall, and heaven knows that would require the supes to make cuts to other county programs. It turns out that it is a hell of a lot easier for them to demand that the private sector reward its employees than it is for the supes to scrape together the funds to reward their own.


Trump Assumes No Responsibility For Insurrection, Says Impeachment Is A Danger To Country

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[guest post by Dana]

No surprises here:

Given Trump’s four-year reign, it was easy to see fairly early on that he was never going to change or “grow into the presidency,” no matter how much his defenders tried to convince us that he would. His lack of character and bad behavior has been on full display for all to see. So how did so many not​ know that something awful was going to happen if he lost the election? When a man on the edge of grasping the ultimate ring of power says that he can stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, shoot somebody, and not lose any voters and then, incredulously, revels in this belief, Americans should immediately understand that this is a man not to be admired and embraced, but rather to carefully guard against. Always.


UPDATE BY PATTERICO: This is as good a place as any to lay down a marker: Democrats are screwing up this impeachment (like they screwed up the last one, by failing to include an article charging obstruction of justice). There should absolutely be an article of abuse of power in service of an attempt to reverse the results of a free and fair election.

GOP senators will, ludicrously, stick to the legal definition of “incitement” (which is likely not met by Trump’s behavior) as their excuse to vote against the article that has been unveiled. They are entitled to vote on the facts and are not bound by the way the Democrats have charged it, but if they want an excuse (and many do) that one comes ready-made.

Meanwhile they had to shoehorn the Raffensperger call into this, and did so awkwardly, when it would have neatly fit an article of abuse of power to reverse an election result.

Ultimately, it will not work, and the fault will still lie with the Senate Republicans who vote to acquit — but the Democrats are making the bad result easier.

Is there nothing Nancy Pelosi can’t screw up?

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