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Banana Republicans Storm U.S. Capitol

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Can we call it sedition yet?

I have been condemning the attempted coup by Donald Trump and his lackeys Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and the rest of the coup caucus in the strongest possible terms, precisely because I was worried about the violence that might ensue when our top lawmakers try to cast aside election results.

And guess who fomented it?

Again, I call on lawmakers to impeach Trump immediately, remove him from office, and bar him permanently from ever holding elective office again. Maybe members of Congress who have had their building breached by thugs will have a different perspective after today.

I am repeating myself here, but I also continue to believe that nobody involved in this attack on our democracy should ever hold elective office again.

I want the new A.G. Merrick Garland to aggressively prosecute the rioters who breached the Capitol with sedition.

If you supported this challenge, you are dead to me. Never speak to me again. Get off my site and never come back.

UPDATE: I see Dana did a post on this as well. I’m leaving this up but closing comments. Comment on her post.

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