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Twitter to Iowahawk: Oh, You Were Hacked? Interesting. How About You GFY? UPDATE: Fixed

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: As I was finishing this post, iowahawk regained control of his account — after three weeks of hassle.

Because he still doesn’t have his old tweets back, and because I had mostly composed the post anyway, and because it is a good example of corporate laziness, I am going to publish this post anyway. It’s instructive because it illustrates something about the treatment of people who can’t get such public attention. It reminds me of when 1&1 tried to steal my domain, which I had renewed but they failed to process the renewal. They had done it to countless people, seemingly as part of an attempt to seize domains that had become valuable due to the sweat of the proprietor’s brow. Me, I got my domain back, because Andrew Breitbart put something about it on Drudge for me. The other people, as far as I know, never got any help, although I tried to help them.

Here is the original post:


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