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Trump Leaves White House for Walter Reed

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New York Times:

President Trump received a promising experimental drug to treat Covid-19 on Friday, according to a memo from his doctor, and later went to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for what was expected to be a stay of a few days.

In a brief video message the president tweeted shortly after arriving at Walter Reed, he looked tired. He declared that he is “doing very well” and suggested that he was visiting the hospital only as a precaution.

. . .

The president has a low-grade fever, nasal congestion and a cough, according to two people close to Mr. Trump.

Jim Acosta has a concerning report about the president having trouble breathing:

I think we have to take media reports with a grain of salt. As Allahpundit has said many times, the problem we have is the problem of the two unreliable narrators. One, Trump, downplays coronavirus news to avoid panic. The other, Big Media, may have a tendency to sensationalize for eyeballs.

In the end, we must remain patient.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Mike Lee and Thom Tillis, two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, have tested positive. Sen. Lee was hugging everyone in creation without a mask at Barrett’s nomination ceremony.


Pence Tests Negative for COVID-19

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This is good news, any way you slice it.

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