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Ron Paul Doing Well After Concerning Episode on Livestream

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Ron Paul had a medical episode occur during a livestream this morning. He began slurring his words and looked concerned. Sounds like he’s doing OK, though:

Best wishes to him and the Paul family.

5 Responses to “Ron Paul Doing Well After Concerning Episode on Livestream”

  1. Thoughts and prayers Ron!

    I still haven’t seen a follow-up to Jerry Nadler’s recent concerning episode on livestream:

    harkin (fabd28)

  2. Pretty fortuitous for him that this happened on a Zoom call. Imagine this sort of thing if he were home alone.

    JVW (ee64e4)

  3. Wow. Just saw him on Newsmax doing a commercial telling us the economy will collapse and our world is going to end.

    Guess things aren’t that bad and he’s going to stay with us. 😉 Gotta admire his feisty POV. Best wishes and mend fast!

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  4. FYI- Ron Paul is 85.

    Born ‘where the Allegheny meets the O-HI-o: Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh!’

    A diet of Heinz anything chased with a cold Rolling Rock is the secret to a long life. 😉

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  5. I’m glad to know he’s doing well.

    aphrael (4c4719)

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