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Congratulations! Our Friend Dustin Has Had a Baby Boy

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Well, technically his wife has, but you know what I mean. Here is the comment where he dropped the bomb:

It was stupid how I drove home overnight, but I made it to the delivery room an hour before my son was born and everyone is fine, catching up on rest. Thanks! God is good.

I have more information but am not sure how much he wants to share publicly. Anyway, how about we take up a collection for the new baby boy? I’ll start the ball rolling with $100. PayPal me at patterico AT gmail DOT com and put something in the comments about Dustin’s boy, and I’ll make sure it gets to him.

Times are tough with the coronavirus, and the audience is smaller than it used to be, but I like to think we’re still a community, and I hope we can pull together and make things a little easier for the new parents.


UPDATE: I have had a couple of requests for Venmo. Mrs. P. runs that. If you’re a Venmo person, email me and I will respond with the Venmo address. Thanks!

37 Responses to “Congratulations! Our Friend Dustin Has Had a Baby Boy”

  1. Congratulations, Dustin, and thank you for posting this, Patterico. I am happy to contribute.

    DRJ (aede82)

  2. Congratulations Dustin! I’m really happy for you!!!!

    Time123 (b0628d)

  3. I’m in, too! But I am not at a secure terminal – I’ll contribute later.

    felipe (084d77)

  4. Thank you Patterico! Thanks all of y’all. I wish y’all could see how happy we are.

    I’m running on pretty much no sleep this morning. We’re having a lot of fun though.

    Dustin (4237e0)

  5. 4.

    We’re having a lot of fun…

    First time? Give it a couple of years, Dad. 😉

    Seriously, congrats and God bless!

    Gryph (f63000)

  6. Thanks Gryph. We have a 17 month old as well. I should find a way to post a picture.

    Dustin (4237e0)

  7. Congrats Dustin! I’ll contribution later on this week!

    So exciting Dustin!

    whembly (c30c83)

  8. Not only has DRJ sent a very generous contribution but you should know this was her idea.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  9. Got a Venmo? I don’t use paypall.

    Time123 (89dfb2)

  10. DRJ I am grateful to you and all my other friends here.

    Dustin (4237e0)

  11. Me, too, Time. I hate Paypal. Venmo is way easier.

    Paul Montagu (1fbb64)

  12. My wife is the Venmo person. Let me ask her.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  13. My impulse is to do a full accounting at the end for purposes of transparency so if you want to be anonymous let me know and I will list it that way, maybe with initials so you can recognize yourself.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  14. Cashapp works, too.

    Kevin M (ab1c11)

  15. I used Google Pay, but Apple Pay will work too, and neither cost anything to use.

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (305827)

  16. UPDATE: I have had a couple of requests for Venmo. Mrs. P. runs that. If you’re a Venmo person, email me and I will respond with the Venmo address. Thanks!

    Patterico (115b1f)


    It’s amazing how a button becomes more interesting if you’re not supposed to press it.

    Dustin (4237e0)

  18. Congrats and best wishes to Mr and Mrs Dustin.
    _ _

    While contemplating on names, I know you’re not going to name the little tyke JVW, I suggest you also not name him “Has Had“.

    harkin (820d1b)

  19. (When I say I’d like to name you, I mean by your moniker, obviously, and not your real names unless you specifically so request. Goes without saying but probably best to say it anyway.)

    Patterico (115b1f)


    It’s amazing how a button becomes more interesting if you’re not supposed to press it.


    Patterico (115b1f)

  21. Best best wishes, Dustin. Patterico, I just PayPal-ed you.

    Simon Jester (41c481)

  22. Congratulations to the new parents.
    Can I send some cash?
    venmo, pay-pal?

    mg (8cbc69)

  23. Dustin’s a brilliant commenter and I have always enjoyed his contributions to the site. We expect no less from Dustin’s kid, though we’ll give him a few months to get accustomed to the world first.

    JRM (de6363)

  24. I’m happy to contribute to such a lovely family. And I’m am tickled by the sweet photo of both little guys. All I can say is: have fun, and sleep when they sleep!

    Dana (292df6)

  25. A thousand congratulations to you and your wife, Dustin. I’ve learned in the past two and half years what an absolute blessing kids are, and I am so happy for you guys.

    Once a parent, your soul lives outside your body, personified. It’s a wild thing.

    Leviticus (efada1)

  26. And thanks to DRJ and Patterico for putting this together.

    Leviticus (efada1)

  27. Leviticus,

    The world is a better place because of people like Dustin and you and your families. Thank you.

    DRJ (aede82)

  28. This x 1,000:

    Once a parent, your soul lives outside your body, personified. It’s a wild thing.

    And it remains that way, even after your kids have become adults. Of course, by that time you simply can’t remember life before them. It’s as if they have always been. And because it passes so quickly, revel in this season, and enjoy them to the fullest. (Happily, when you become grandparents, the same wave of wonder and happiness washes all over you once again.)

    Dana (292df6)

  29. I’m counting $610 so far from DRJ, Simon Jester, Time123, Paul Montagu, Leviticus, Dana, Kevin M, JVW, and Colonel Klink, and myself. Very generous donations. Let me know if I am missing anyone.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  30. Good grief thank you guys very much.

    Dana, Leviticus, Simon, JRM, harkin, mg, Kevin, nk, Klink, Paul, Time123, Gryph, whembly, frosty, of course DRJ and Patterico, many thanks for the warm thoughts and words.

    Dustin (4237e0)

  31. Congrats again Dustin!

    Dave (1bb933)

  32. Add Dave to the list. Thanks, Dave!

    Patterico (115b1f)

  33. And felipe. Up to $685. That would make a nice beginning of a 529. By my calculations, at 7% interest compounded annually over 18 years, that makes $2,316.00, which will pay for 1.5 seconds of instruction at a fine institution of higher learning.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  34. It’s really wonderful to see that, in spite of our differing – and even opposing – views of politics, the true spirit of community lives on at Patterico’s.

    Dana (292df6)

  35. Congrats Dustin!

    Nic (896fdf)

  36. Dustin, congrats on two new ones, 17 months is still new in my book. We had 4 years between and I still don’t know if that was too close, not long enough, 17 months for 2 feels like a pretty good gap.

    I hope this helps for either some things to help the kids, or put it away for a sanity day for mom ina few months.

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (305827)

  37. Thanks Col Klink. We haven’t thought that far ahead. It’s been interesting watching our daughter realize this is a big change. She’s impressing me with her resilience. Everyone in this thread should let me know if they are ever passing through Austin so we can meet up.

    I like Patterico’s suggestion of a 529. I think we’ll do that.

    Dana, you are right, the folks here do care about eachother even as we pull our hair out. That’s great. I’m really moved by y’all.

    Dustin (4237e0)

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