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Biden Wins Michigan

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And Mississippi and Missouri.

It’s over, folks.

P.S. Drop out, Bernie.

Problems with Comments

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We seem to be under a spam attack from Russian bots. At the same time I am noticing that multiple people are having trouble posting comments. I have to go to work, so please be patient if you have trouble posting comments today. I’ll try to look into it further when I can.

If you have trouble commenting, email me and describe what happened when you tried.

UPDATE: As of 3/11, it appears that comments are continuing to go straight into moderation. Please bear with us. They will be released as time permits.

Indicators of Our Lives Changing Radically Add Up Daily

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The indicators that life is going to change keep piling up day by day.

Italy’s quarantine extended to entire country, as Dana noted yesterday.

Pearl Jam cancels its North American tour.

Israel quarantining all entrants for 14 days.

Ireland cancels St. Patrick’s Day parades.

Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune apparently moving to taping without live audiences.

Coachella festival to be postponed until October.

Harvard tells its students not to return from spring break and will conduct classes online.

At Rice, where my daughter attends, classes this week have been cancelled and noises have been made about moving to online classes next semester.

Even Donald Trump, whose Act I was “Everything Is Fine and Soon We Will Have Zero Cases,” will not be able to ignore the changes forever. Act II is coming, and it will be titled: “There Is No Way Trump Could Have Known It Would Get This Bad.” Never mind that everyone was telling him for weeks how bad it was likely to get. That will be the defense.

When I posted that on Twitter, a Trump superfan offered up an alternate Act II:

Nothing keeps people calm like the government deliberately lying to them about the seriousness of a potential pandemic!

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