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Disgruntled Worker Stabs Four Co-Workers To Death At Paris Police Headquarters

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[guest post by Dana]

Horrible news from Paris:

A deaf civilian police worker who had recently converted to Islam was shot dead in Paris today after murdering four colleagues with a ceramic knife following a ‘dispute over working with female colleagues’.

Michael Harpon, 45, caused the bloodbath in the French capital’s historic Police Prefecture, next door to Notre Dame Cathedral.

Investigators have not ruled out a possible terrorist motivation for the Thursday afternoon attack, which left a woman and three men dead.

All were repeatedly stabbed by Harpon, who had worked in the IT department at the Prefecture since 2003, in the worst loss of French police lives in a single day since World War II.

The report goes on to say that because Harpon had refused to interact with women, he had been recently reprimanded by his female boss as a result. Harpon converted to Islam in 2018.

Moreover, Christophe Crépin, spokesman for the union France Police Policeman in Anger, told reporters that he had known Harpon:

I know this man. He worked in IT and he had long-running problems with his superior. He stabbed her first and then colleagues intervened and were stabbed as well. I am told he then got hold of a firearm.

Prayers for the families who have lost their loved ones today.


Trump Putting Tariffs on Scotch Now

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The Trump administration slapped 25% tariffs on French wine, Italian cheese and single-malt Scotch whisky — but spared Italian wine, pasta and olive oil — in retaliation for European Union subsidies on large aircraft.

. . . .

Still some Italian foods — Parmesan Reggiano, Romano and provolone cheese — were hit with tariffs as were Italian fruits, clams and yogurt. Also getting new tariffs are German and British camera parts, industrial microwave ovens, printed books, sweet biscuits and waffles.

This should be great for American businesses.

Robert Tobiassen, president of the National Association of Beverage Importers, said the new tariffs on whisky, liqueurs and cordials, and wine from certain EU countries, would hit many of the United States’ 12,000 importers hard.

“These tariffs will devastate, perhaps destroy, many small and medium sized family businesses importing these products into the United States,” he said.


Jacob Levy, a professor of political theory at McGill University, wrote on Twitter the tariffs were “an interesting strategy for lowering the trillion-dollar deficit: increase everyone’s need to drink to get through each day’s news, then tax the heck out of the good alcohol.”

It’s OK. Trump (claims he) doesn’t drink, so no skin off his nose.

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