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President Trump: Fox Is Dead To Me, Time To Shop For New Media Outlet That Won’t Upset Me

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[guest post by Dana]

Seeing the Democratic National Committee’s communications director Xochitl Hinojosa discussing the upcoming Democratic primary debate while she was a guest on Fox News was just one Democrat too far for President Trump this morning. He tweeted his tantrum because that’s what Presidents of the United States do:

While Trump throwing a hissy fit is nothing new, this seems to be the final straw with Fox. They have betrayed him, and betrayed the “special relationship” between the President, his supporters and the media giant. What a long, strange trip it’s been, too, when we look back to the campaign days when Fox gave then-candidate Trump more airtime than God. And after he became the President, Trump could count on Fox and the company’s on-air personalities to make him look good.

Trump isn’t wasting time shedding big, sloppy tears over the breakup, though. Nope. He’s already shopping for a new media outlet that will do what he wants:

“…isn’t working for us anymore”??? Well, we all knew it was that kind of a relationship, but it’s nonetheless surprising to hear the President admit it. Britt Hume hit the nail on the head with his spot-on response:

Other Fox personalities also pushed back on the President’s comments.

Obviously, no news media outlet should be in the back pocket of a sitting president. Nor do they “work” for any president. Or at least, they shouldn’t. One doesn’t have to spell out all the incredible problems with viewing the interactions of a president and a major news outlet in the way. Whether it’s Fox News for President Trump or the MSM for a Democratic president, it’s wrong, and this unethical symbiotic relationship has only helped to further polarize the nation. We could all point to examples of both Fox and the MSM couching, covering, and conveniently omitting something critical and sneaking in something just to massage the message coming out of the White House. I see this breakup as a good thing.

No doubt there are other news groups interested in taking Fox’s place, and ready to compromise any integrity and journalistic principles if necessary. And there is a president willing to make it worth their effort.

I think this is true:

Axios’ Sara Fischer [said] that Trump was playing to a “fringe culture” of rabid supporters whom the president hopes would help push Fox News to intensify its already largely pro-Trump coverage.

Too bad the big breakup is happening while the run for 2020 is picking up steam. Trump better work fast. He won’t be able to count on his buds to push him right into victory.


38 Responses to “President Trump: Fox Is Dead To Me, Time To Shop For New Media Outlet That Won’t Upset Me”

  1. In the same way that I believe there is a natural tension between man and God, I think there should also be a continual tension between the media and our presidents as they recognize and respect the line between them.

    Dana (fdf131)

  2. Fox’s shift will win them respect from libs and the MSM, in no universe that ever existed.

    They will never escape bed bug status.

    Munroe (33bad0)

  3. 1… are those words that you’d use to describe the current state of affairs… “continual tension”?

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  4. Oh, I don’t know. I think it is good that this POTUS might have finally made a “breakthrough” regarding the proper relationship between a Republican* and the media.

    * even if it is in name, only.

    felipe (023cc9)

  5. Meanwhile…..

    Beto O’Rourke Campaign Claims Reporter Joel Pollak Ejected to Protect Black Students.

    “A Breitbart spokesperson hit back shortly after the O’Rourke campaign’s statement: ‘The false accusation that Breitbart is racist, or that its award-winning reporter — an Orthodox Jew, married to a black woman who serves in the military — is either racist or would make anyone at a black university uncomfortable is absurd. The irony of Mr. O’Rourke — who has stated himself that he is the beneficiary of ‘white privilege’ — purporting to decide for black students who should be banned from events that are open to the press, or what they should feel, is not lost on us.”

    The incident occurred one day after a press gaggle in which Pollak politely asked O’Rourke whether misquoting President Donald Trump’s comments on the 2017 protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, was in line with his promise to not “inflame” divisions in the U.S.

    harkin (58d012)

  6. Thanks, harkin. Yup, he still has Breitbart.

    Now … any bets on when Twitter will pull his account? I say the night he accepts the nomination at the convention.

    nk (dbc370)

  7. 5… Beta should just give the damn thing up… teh weak suck.

    A$$hole from El Paso.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  8. Now … any bets on when Twitter will pull his account? I say the night he accepts the nomination at the convention.

    I don’t think they will. He generates too much traffic and activity for them to give him up voluntarily.

    At the earliest, it would be the afternoon of the day his successor is sworn in and he is no longer POTUS.

    Kishnevi (d911b4)

  9. Skippy, hell just puttering along skates on his father in laws property

    Narciso (52211c)

  10. And scary larry odonnell falls for the banana in the tail pipe, again.

    Narciso (52211c)

  11. At the earliest, it would be the afternoon of the day his successor is sworn in and he is no longer POTUS.

    He’ll immediately get on GAB, it’s he’s base.

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (6e7a1c)

  12. Jacob perry denouncing jo walsh was amusing, he should have fell back on welding.

    Narciso (52211c)

  13. Hugh grant thinks we forgot about his tranny pickup, either that or the blood shed for centuries to keep england free.

    Narciso (52211c)

  14. Playing ‘dead.’

    Sometimes, it works.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  15. The last time the head of the British government decided to do without Parliament, he lost his head…Charles I.

    Ironic that it’s a Conservative PM doing his best to disunite the United Kingdom and demonstrate that the Monarchy is totally useless.

    Kishnevi (d911b4)

  16. From agincourt to the ardennes why did the brots fight to be free, but this generation seems intent to be on their knees to strasbourg and brussels just the way aldo spinelli intended

    Narciso (1ebf89)

  17. Don’t fret, Captain, sir.

    Fox hired your ex-press secretary to banter fibs with Brazile. They know your audience; it’ll be ‘Lie vs. Lie’ on Fox & Friends morning cartoons.

    … and ‘Fearless Leader’ smiled.

    “Look! Is moose and squirrel!”- Boris Badinov [Paul Frees] ‘The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show’ 1959-64

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  18. Because, actually living there, they are not dependent on Brietbart, Hannity, to know what it’s actually like to live in the UK and the EU, and also see that are BoJo, Rees Mogg, and Farage are a bunch of twits who have no real idea of what to do.

    Kishnevi (d911b4)

  19. “Fox was a good friend to Trump, as friends go. And as good friends go, it went.” Snicker.

    But let’s talk about some vitamin-deficient losers that America Brexited from 243 years ago instead of what a fool Trump keeps making of himself.

    nk (dbc370)

  20. @18. They’ve been trying to deal with this ‘identity crisis’ for centuries– whether Britain should remain fiercely independent or gravitate and engage as a partner w/t Continent– Churchill’s ‘United States of Europe’ dream. It waxes and wanes over the decades. Back in the day, when we were living there, virtually the same arguments were echoed over whether or not to join what was then called ‘The Common Market.’ It was a fierce debate, too, just like today. They even held ‘Buy British’ parades and rallies through London [we have some old Super-8 movies of them.]

    The geography alone undeniably favors it. But at that time, in the midst of the Cold War, Britons never expected to end up being force fed dictums from Brussels; they were certain they’d end up running the whole thing and that mindset won the day. They never anticipated the swift changes– the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union, the Eastern bloc dissolving– the Berlin Wall gone and a reunification resulting in an economically powerful Germany– particularly after the hell of WW2. The interdependence now is a difficult knot to cut through. If/when they march out singing ‘Rule, Britannia’ it’s a safe bet that by the end of the century, they’ll be singing a different tune with overtures to rejoin again in some fashion. It’s just the way it is with them.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  21. The economic reality is that Britain doesn’t have a whole lot of influence going it alone. Political reality is that they are having a hard time realizing that the sun has set on the British empire. They are a medium fish in a big big pond and they don’t like it at all.

    Nic (896fdf)

  22. I doubt the hissy-fit Trump’s throwing about FOX is serious – he hasn’t yet called them #FailingFOX or pointed out how far their ratings have fallen, hasn’t yet called anybody a fat stupid loser nobody likes. But the night is still young. Trump ought to be wondering if maybe FOX is sniffing a change in the wind. Or whatever it is that rats do just before they decide to desert a sinking ship.

    Jerryskids (702a61)

  23. Yes you can grovel to a sovereign who wants to eliminate any reliable form of electricity qhose carbon footprint is still going up.

    Narciso (1ebf89)

  24. We have a generation that dont believe in country or family or religion, bill gates succeded and a ht to kruschev, they seem intent on taking a shovel and burying this country but the problem is trump, brit hume reads the writing on the wall but doesnt take it seriously but those of you who live in california and new york ahould.

    Narciso (1ebf89)

  25. Not to play devil’s advocate, and I’m no Trump fan, but I suppose it might *just* be possible that when the President said “FOX isn’t working for us,” he used the phrase in the same way I imagine I might hear a young lady say “This sweater just isn’t working for me anymore.”

    Demosthenes (7fae81)

  26. trump to faux news sieg heil or else!

    lany (f704ff)

  27. Smart people dropped Fox News a decade ago.
    Cable is a cabal of left leaning garbage.

    mg (8cbc69)

  28. @25, I agree with this. I think Trump is saying that FOX isn’t working out any more…..and Trump fans need to find a new lap dog. Also, not sure why suddenly Shep Smith and Juan Williams are “problems”….it’s not like they have suddenly showed up out of the blue and aren’t dwarfed by Trump-friendly anchors and opinionists.

    AJ_Liberty (165d19)

  29. I stopped watching Fox News when they shamelessly smeared Ted Cruz in an interview in 2016. He had begun winning primaries and taking the lead in the nomination, so they portrayed him unfavorably deliberately using wide-screen shots of the studio, showing trash on the floor and playing the sounds of dishwashing in the background. Then they went all in for Donald Trump. Fair and balanced? I think not.

    The opinion division remains pro-Trump, who shows like Hannity, who also serves as an informal advisor to the president, but the news division less so. This rift began when Fox News released a poll showing Trump with a lower favorability rating than all the top Democratic candidates. The news division had to report that, because they took the poll and those were the results. To him, that was a betrayal.

    Clearly, Trump believes that “his” network should not report any news that casts him unfavorably. That is what state news networks are for, to make the dear leader look good. Russian networks never report anything that makes Putin look bad, nor do Chinese networks report anything that make Xi look bad or North Korean networks report anything that makes Kim look bad. Trump is envois of their power over the media.

    But then, he already has a new favorite network, One America News. They’re fiercely pro-Trump, peddle in conspiracy theories and favor Russia. In fact, one of their reporters also works for Sputnik, a propaganda outlet.

    Some think that Trump gets his talking points from FOX. More likely they come from OAN.

    Gawain's Ghost (b25cd1)

  30. He also seems to object when they pay attention to the Dems. He loves attention and doesn’t like sharing it.

    Time123 (daab2f)

  31. I think if FOX runs with and not away from the president’s perception, it probably nails the coffin of CNN since the left of center bandwidth is already crowded. Trump might also trying to strike a bidding war betwern Fox, OANN and Blaze for his sooner than expected post presidential services.

    urbanleftbehind (82c128)

  32. Cnn is pining for the fjords, the irony of posting donna brazile is lost on you.

    Narciso (1ebf89)

  33. We joke about cnn but there isnt a single network that wont agree with the green nude eel, which means venezuela style conditions, has shep shown any objections rhetorical?

    Narciso (1ebf89)

  34. Trump should click the remote over to Russia Today. Now that’s a channel that knows how treat both Vlad and Donald. Maybe Trump should give Putin a quiet word and Russia Today will just tell Trump everything he wants to hear. I mean, look at this great stuff!

    Paul Montagu (a2342d)

  35. The intelligence assessment was a great advert, russia today promotes russia, neither npr nor the bbc promote their own countries.

    Narciso (1ebf89)

  36. 25. Demosthenes (7fae81) — 8/28/2019 @ 10:41 pm

    25.Not to play devil’s advocate, and I’m no Trump fan, but I suppose it might *just* be possible that when the President said “FOX isn’t working for us,” he used the phrase in the same way I imagine I might hear a young lady say “This sweater just isn’t working for me anymore.”

    It makes sense that way, because the previous sentence is:

    We have to start looking for a new News Outlet.

    This has a meaning of consumption only, not control.

    Trump probably would have liked to threaten to cancel his subscriptin. bit TV doesn’t work that way, not even cable TV.

    Sammy Finkelman (42d229)

  37. reasonable media like so,

    narciso (d1f714)

  38. Trump should click the remote over to Russia Today.

    “Trump is ours!”
    – RT anchor after Helsinki

    There’s also the DPRK News Service.

    Dave (c4bb53)

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