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News Headlines for 8/7/2019 (Part 2)

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[Headlines from DRJ]

Some skeptical as Trump heads to visit sites of shootings:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump headed to El Paso and Dayton on Wednesday to offer a message of healing and unity, but he will be met by unusual hostility in both places by people who fault his own incendiary words as a contributing cause to the mass shootings .

The mayors of both cities are calling for Trump to change his rhetoric about immigrants. Multiple protests are planned. And Democratic presidential candidates continue to criticize him, including former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who will hold a counter-rally in his hometown of El Paso during the president’s visit.

Trump was dismissive of the criticism, saying as he left the White House, “These are people that are looking for political gain.”

8chan owner called before Congress, as latest host drops site:

The House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee demanded that owner Jim Watkins, an American living in the Philippines, testify about 8chan’s efforts to tackle “the proliferation of extremist content, including white supremacist content.”

The committee’s Democratic chairman, Bennie Thompson, and Mike Rogers, its ranking Republican, sent a letter [] to Watkins to appear, calling the El Paso massacre “at least the third act of supremacist violence linked to your website this year.”

8chan was offline on Tuesday after Seattle-based Epik became the latest provider to cut ties. In a statement, Epik’s chief executive, Rob Monster, cited concerns about its inadequate enforcement and a greater possibility of violent radicalization.


23 Responses to “News Headlines for 8/7/2019 (Part 2)”

  1. Wright/Pat AFB is a bit of a drive from downtown Toledo, eh, Captain, sir?!

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  2. President Trump shouldn’t bother trying to play the healer. It’s not in his nature. It’s like watching Bill Clinton trying to promote family values.

    Regarding 8chan, my understanding was it was explicitly founded so that there would be a place on the Internet where complete and unfettered free speech reigns supreme. If shut down the site thus driving the neo-Nazis underground (like they do in Germany), doesn’t that just make it that much harder to monitor them? I for one much prefer to have them operating out in the open where, yes, they can gain loser recruits to their loser cause, but also where we can keep tabs on what they are planning and work to counter it.

    JVW (54fd0b)

  3. Hes not going to accept the characterization they have designated, now Obama can burn two cities down with his rhetoric and no I’ll will attaches because reasons

    Narciso (72d34b)

  4. Is JoeyBee expected in Houston or Michigan today?

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  5. You have no idea how inflammatory Spanish language media is, and how myopic their focus is.

    Narciso (72d34b)

  6. “President Trump shouldn’t bother trying to play the healer. It’s not in his nature. It’s like watching Bill Clinton trying to promote family values.”

    No he should try to play the President, because that’s his job.

    He’s missed so many opportunities to just insert a simple calming phrase that it’s maddening. It doesn’t help that most in the media cast everything he says in the worst light (and when they actually get it right the mob objects and they adjust and beg forgiveness – See NYTimes for latest example).

    He’s already proven that most Americans regard the integrity of the mainstream media as a sad joke so he could have approval ratings in the 60s if he just applied the soft sell and attempted to coerce the Great Undecided into looking at reality. But he seems to remain oblivious to this approach, curious for a famous salesman.

    As bad as Trump can be, I was thinking just this week that the entire left says that Trump’s rhetoric is racist and hateful and he’s fanning the flames of insensibility and conflict. But it’s the media that are really fanning the flames by portraying anyone who wants border enforcement or who points out the harsh realities of enforcing the law as inhuman monsters, therefore Trump is Target 1.

    harkin (58d012)

  7. But yet your co-sub-ethnics are the Brahmins pulling the strings at those outfits, I’ll grant that the rank and file/bullpen types are much more straight arrow.

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  8. Good to see the R’s – like Mike Rodgers – playing the Democrats game. I’m sure the D’s will return the favor and support the R’s when they need it. LOL

    rcocean (1a839e)

  9. It doesn’t help that most in the media cast everything he says in the worst light

    It also doesn’t help that his fans say “We don’t give a flying c**p what he tweets,” or insist that he must be taken “seriously, not literally,” or tell us that he didn’t actually mean whatever obnoxious thing he said but was only trolling the lefties and NeverTrumpers.

    People who argue that the literal meaning (or the most logical interpretation) of Trump’s words should not be taken as what he really meant have no moral ground for complaining that others are casting his words in the worst light.

    Radegunda (c8091b)

  10. Well said, Radegunda.

    rcocean is a valuable commenter here because he conveys that perspective pretty well. Any criticism of Trump is a conspiracy with democrats and to be disregarded. Any evidence that helps Trump is very important (like the Dayton bastard’s politics). Any that hurts him is not important.

    He makes a lot of good points about media bias. I don’t think any commenter here who isn’t a troll disagrees that much of the media is going to spin things against Trump. But it’s 2019 and that doesn’t really matter as much as Dan Rather would like. Trump is the president, after all. And he said a lot of really stupid stuff that most good faith folks agree were racist. It is very important to the country that Trump be a better man and a better leader.

    Dustin (6d7686)

  11. Considering that he has been in the media for decades, and it was media gave him the primary in 2016, he is like the frog who took a scorpion on his back, and he and his whiny Trumpkins can go and ribbit-ribbit themselves.

    nk (dbc370)

  12. well the management at univions is the power rangers guys, at Telemundo it’s leon black (yes Epstein’s business partner) now the former is practically having to sell the furniture, and the latter has gone all cartel bloc,

    narciso (d1f714)

  13. Any criticism of Trump is a conspiracy with democrats and to be disregarded

    I saw that attitude on display already during the primaries. If I posted criticism of Trump – backed up with verifiable facts, or words from his own mouth – I was labeled a “Bernie lover” or a Hillary fan, etc. In the minds of Trump fans, if you didn’t support Trump you weren’t a “real American.”

    From the beginning, there was something unusually emotional and unconditional and fanatical about Trump fandom. But Trump fans cannot see it themselves, so they choose to believe that everyone who doesn’t share their view of Trump must be “deranged” or deluded by hate, or merely parroting the “liberal media.” In their minds, an unfavorable view of Trump cannot be the result of any thoughtful judgment of Trump’s words and actions.

    Radegunda (c8091b)

  14. Hey… when its on the left… it’s only a “speako”.

    Get with the program NJRob!

    whembly (51f28e)

  15. How come, when rights are first infringed, they go after the outliers and not the center? It’s a mystery.

    Kevin M (21ca15)

    Leftists: we run “concentration camps” and you BP agents–when we have a new admins we’ll know who you are;

    Mobs mass outside McConnell’s house. Trump officials run out of restaurants. Employers told not to hire Neilsen.

    GOP congressman shot.

    GOP Senator beaten–and gets slap on wrist.

    Leftist professor hits man on head with bike lock–gets suspended sentence.

    Trump calls for immigration laws to be enforced.

    WOBBLY REPUBLICANS AND NEVER TRUMPERS ARE UPSET (“we’ll never get invited to the cool parties this way):

    (1),”Why do they hate him so? What did he do? It must be him not them!

    (2), If he’d just offer some nice, calming words (that never calm the people who hate him in their sleep).

    (3), Maybe if he didn’t tweet facts that upset the media! Its disruptive and non-presidential to counter-tweet: Romney would never do that;

    (4), maybe a nice gun control bill–like the numerous ones before now–will be a sign of good faith (till the next one is demanded).

    Harcourt Fenton Mudd (6b1442)

  17. #88 is in the news

    mg (8cbc69)

  18. The 8chan owner claims he has proof (I assume, or else what could be his basis for
    saying it _ I mean is he just waiting to be exposed as a liar?) that the manifesto of the El PAso killer was uploaded to 8chan from Instagram by someone other than the killer and that it had bene uploadd to Instagam by he killer. Facebook said there’s no basis for that theory apparently because bease the El Paso killer’s Instgram account was not active.

    But of course he could have emailed it to somone else or sent it to an Instagram account used b someone else, and all he would have had to do on Saturday, August 3, 2019 is send a text message or email in code (e.g. it says “I found a good place to exercise” or something even more innocuous) to whoever that told that person to upload it to 8chan and get it circulating.

    8chan’s owner said that they notified law enforcement and earlier in the coverage I heard that law enforcement even had it before the shooting started.

    But of course it tells you nothing about where something is going to take place, and you have to even read between the lines to guess what. He doesn’t say it outright that it’s a mass
    killing. He only uses the word kill when speaking of who he is NOT going to kill:

    Even if other non-immigrant targets would have a greater impact, I can’t bring myself to kill my fellow Americans. Even the Americans that seem hell-bent on destroying our country. Even if they are shameless race mixers, massive polluters, haters ofour collective values, etc

    with regard to speaking of what he is going to do, he says he (and other “patriotic Americas”) will provide an incentive to Hispanics to return to their home countries.

    By the way, his explanation of why he picked that particular target is a BIG LIE e;s hiding the fact that someone else told him to go after them.

    Sammy Finkelman (d542b2)

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