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Immigration News: Trump Signs Border Aid Bill; El Salvador on Board?

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Yesterday, Dana posted Political Cartoonist Depicts President Trump Standing Over Two Drowned Migrants. The underlying story involved an El Salvadoran migrant, Óscar Martínez, and his daughter Valeria who sadly drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande.

Father and daughter have been buried in El Salvador and its President said, Óscar Martínez drowning: El Salvador takes blame:

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has said his country is to blame for the death of a father and daughter who drowned while trying to reach the US.

Mr Bukele told the BBC his government had to fix the issues that forced people to migrate in the first place.

Mr Bukele, who took office a month ago, promised he would work to make El Salvador a safer and better place.

President Trump signed HR 3401 into law yesterday. His Remarks are worth reading. He uses his familiar rambling style but addresses how this involves many players — Congress, the courts, the countries to our South — as well as our economy and the asylum and immigration policies that bring migrants here.


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  1. From Trump’s Remarks, it sounds like the deportation plan may be back:

    After July 4th, a lot of people are going to be brought back out. So people that come up may be here for a short while, but they’re going to be going — they’re going back to their countries. They go back home.

    ICE is going to be apprehending them and bringing them back. And we have a very big system for that, and it’s been very effective and it will be very effective.

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